Is Silent Hill The Short Message Coming to PC & Xbox?

Silent Hill: The Short Message is a newly-released entry in the sprawling Silent Hill universe. A free game for the PlayStation 5, it blends survival horror with psychological horror in a way that only Silent Hill can. With the Silent Hill 2 Remake releasing soon, this raises an important question – is Silent Hill The Short Message coming to PC and Xbox? We ae going to take a look at this game and whether or not it is going to be made available on those platforms, right here in this article.

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Is Silent Hill The Short Message Coming to PC & Xbox
Is Silent Hill The Short Message Coming to PC & Xbox?

Will Silent Hill the Short Message Come to PC or Xbox?

As of right now, we don’t have any information concerning this. However, it doesn’t seem very likely to happen. As this short game was released for free on the PS5, it’s best to think about it as a PlayStation 5 exclusive. Of course, it’s always possible that this is going to change in the future, but for now – the odds of it coming to PC and Xbox any time soon are slim to none. As is the case with most PS5 exlusives that eventually do get ported over to PC and Xbox, this can take years.

For example, Horizon Forbidden West was initially released for PS4 and PS5 in February 2022, and it is going to come to PC this March 2024. And then there are some titles that have yet to see a PC release – such Bloodborne – a highly popular and critically aclaimed FromSoftware title. Though, if Silent Hill: The Short Message does end up releasing on Steam and Xbox, we are going to update this article.

Can You Play Silent Hill Short Message on PS4?

Similarly to PC and Xbox, it’s highly unlikely that Silent Hill: The Short Message is going to come out on the PS4. It is a very impressive title – especially from a graphical perspective, and it is unlikely that the aging PS4 hardware could handle it. Generally, you can expect more and more upcoming games to gradually phase out being released on last-gen devices.

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