It Is My Mouth Into Which All Travels End Quote

LoLdle is a fun game in which you have to guess a League of Legends Champion. It is similar to Wordle (hence the name) and other such games and features several different game modes. The Champion that you need to guess changes on a daily basis, so every new day is a new challenge. For example, today – Tuesday, November 14th, 2023 – the quote is as follows “It Is My Mouth Into Which All Travels End”. What does this mean and who does this particular quote refer to? We’re going to provide you with the answer right here in our guide.

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It Is My Mouth Into Which All Travels End Quote
It Is My Mouth Into Which All Travels End Quote

Who Said It Is My Mouth Into Which All Travels End?

The Champion that said this quote is none other than Tahm Kench. Known as the River King, this demonic being looks like a catfish given vaguely humanoid form. This quote very much fits his personality, as he is absolutely insatiable. In fact, many of his abilities revolve around his gluttony and desier to eat everything and everyone he can get his scaly hands on. A deceptively charming and enigmatic creature, often appearing as a helpful and affable figure to those in need.

However, his benevolence is always tinged with a dark undercurrent, and he is known to make deals with unsuspecting individuals, promising them aid or riches in exchange for favors that may have unforeseen consequences. In League of Legends, Tahm Kench is a tank champion with a focus on crowd control and survivability. He can use his Tongue Lash ability to harass and stun enemies, and his Devour ability allows him to swallow characters whole for several seconds, protecting them from harm or spitting them back out into the enemy team. While not easy to play, he can be a real asset and powerhouse once you master his playstyle and abilities.

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