Jailbreak Codes December 2023 (Winter Update)

Lookoing for the new December 2023 Jailbreak Codes? We’ve got you covered! Jailbreak is a Roblox game that lets you be a lawbreaker or a law enforcer. As a lawbreaker, you can break out of jail, loot banks, and wreak havoc in the city. As a law enforcer, you can capture lawbreakers, prevent heists, and maintain peace. Jailbreak is a sandbox game with various vehicles, weapons, and places to discover. You can play alone or with friends and personalize your avatar and vehicles. Whatever you choose, some free rewards will make it more fun! Check out these Jailbreak Winter Update 2023 promo codes!

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Jailbreak Codes Winter Update December 2023
Jailbreak Codes Winter Update Free Rewards

December 1st Update: We’ve checked for new codes and we’ve found several new Jailbreak codes for December 2023! Make sure to claim them before they expire! In addition, we’ve also removed some codes from the active list that are no longer valid.

New Winter Update Jailbreak Codes for December 2023

If you want to win some cool rewards and extras in Jailbreak, check out these codes for December 2023. They don’t cost anything, but they have an expiration date. Badimo, the creators of Mad City, can change or remove codes at any time. So hurry up and use these codes while they are still valid. These are the codes that work right now:

  • 5days23 – 10,000 Cash
  • YoutubeHelloItsVG – HelloItsVG Tire Sticker
  • YoutubeNoobFreak – NoobFreak Tire Sticker

Expired Jailbreak Coupons

  • wildest – 10,000 cash (NEW CODE)
  • sep23 – 10,000 cash (NEW!)
  • YoutubeHelloItsVG – HelloItsVG tire sticker
  • YoutubeNoobFreak – NoobFreak tire sticker
  • Summer23— 10k Cash
  • July2023— 10k Cash
  • crewcode3— Crew Battles
  • Winter22— 12k Cash
  • 5Days2022
  • NPC— 10k Cash
  • thesafeupdate1— 12k cash
  • thesafeupdate2— 12k cash
  • fivemillionlikes
  • hyperchrome— 10k Cash
  • Season10— 10k Cash
  • privatejet – 10,000 Cash
  • TOW— 10,000 Cash
  • museum— 5K Cash
  • WinterUpdate2021— 5K Cash
  • fall2021— 5,000 Cash
  • memes— 5K Bucks
  • summervibes— 7.5K Bucks
  • SOLIDGOLDWOOO—Redeem code for 5,000 Bucks!
  • 4years—Redeem code for 10,000 cash
  • march2021—Redeem code for 5,000 Cash
  • doggo—Redeem code for 7,500 Cash
  • Winter—Redeem code for 5,000 Cash
  • FALL2020—Redeem code for 5,000 cash
  • MOLTEN—Redeem code for 10,000 Cash
  • Balance—Redeem code for 6,000 Cash
  • 5Days— 7,500 Cash
  • 7,500 Cash—cargo
  • 5,000 Cash—countdown
  • 25,000 Cash—onehour
  • 5,000 Cash—stayhealthy
  • 10,000 Cash—minimustang
  • 10,000 Cash—feb2020

How to Redeem Jailbreak Promo Codes

Unlike most other Roblox games, in Jailbreak it is not that easy to claim Roblox codes. Instead of the usual procedure, here you will need to do some in-game actions. Here’s how to do it:

  • Start Roblox and launch Jailbreak.
  • Find an in-game bank, gas station, police station or train station.
  • Interact with an ATM there.
  • When you get close to it, a code redeem screen will pop-up.
  • Enter your code and click redeem.
  • Enjoy the rewards!
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