Just Cause 4 How to Upgrade Wingsuit

The wingsuit is one of the main tools you’ll use in Just Cause 4. It allows you to glide through the air at great speeds and perform all kinds of stunts, and you’ll probably spend a whole lot of time using it. It can even be upgraded, but a lot of players are confused when it comes to how exactly this is done. If you get stuck while trying to enhance your super suit, this guide will help you get unstuck by showing you how to upgrade wingsuit in Just Cause 4.

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just cause 4 how to upgrade wingsuit
Just Cause 4 How to Upgrade Wingsuit

Wingsuit upgrade stunt locations

Basically, all you need to do is find and complete wingsuit stunts. This will give you the option to enhance your toy. If you’ve played the previous game, you’re probably familiar with the idea. However, even those who know about the stunts are having trouble finding them.

This time around, they’re framed as missions. In order to start one, you’ll have to talk to Garland and accept his quests. There’s one in almost every settlement, so just head to an area where people live and you should be good to go. If you start a particular side of the map and go in a certain direction, you can easily make sure you haven’t missed any.

The upgrades apply to all the different wingsuits you can have, including the fancy weaponized wingsuit that comes with the gold and deluxe editions of the game. The upgrades will make your life easier, although you may not enjoy all of them. On the other hand, completing the stunts will raise your completion percentage, which is always a good thing. The stunts will also give you a better understanding of how to operate the wingsuit, which will make you a more efficient vessel of chaos.

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  1. D

    What are you talkin about? All this does is give me extra points to boost my grappling hook stuff I don’t see anything for upgrading my wingsuit

    1. D

      After doing so many of the wingsuit stunts, you eventually get extra bars of boost and more sets of rockets.

      1. N

        You also have to have the dlc

      2. S
        Steve Vitale

        So you literally can’t upgrade your wing suit. I was getting super annoyed looking everywhere for the option to upgrade it as I’ve done a bunch of the flight challenges.

        Maybe mention next time that the only wingsuit you can upgrade is the one that’s paid dlc, and not say “they apply across all wing suits” when that’s flat out false since there’s only one that can be upgraded in the first place

  2. J

    Idk how I’m supposed to do it I thought you had to get a pack to get it so I’m confused become I serchd up on how to get it and it was no help so I found this and yeah

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