Kingdom Come Deliverance Theresa Romance - McLovin Achievement

Theresa is one of the characters you can romance in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. She’s the girl from your village, the one that works at the mill. Completing the courtship will unlock the McLovin achievement. There are several steps to seducing her, and some players are having trouble with the process. If you’re one of them, this guide will show you how to compelete Kingdom Come Deliverance Theresa romance and get the trophy.

kingdom come deliverance theresa romance mclovin trophy
Kingdom Come Deliverance Theresa Romance – McLovin Trophy

How to romance Theresa?

Theresa can be romanced even if you didn’t help her in the beginning. You’ll get her courtship quest during a main story mission called Keeping The Peace. It’s the one in Rattay, where you have to go on patrol with Nightingale. Talking to him for the first time will add the quest to your log.

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Follow the quest marker to the mill where she works and talk to her. Keep in mind you have to arrive in the morning for her to be there (before noon). The mill is on the river bank northwest of Rattay. Once you’re there, you can offer her a gift, but you don’t have to. Ask her how she’s been, and the dialogue will end with the two of you going for a walk. A stroll along the river seems to work well.

When she speeds up to a jog, follow suit. When you sit down to talk, select the speech options (the ones with the open mouth icon). Her speech skill seems to be pretty low, as we had no problem succeeding in all of them. The options are:

  1. The lap of luxury.
  2. The only one here whose head is all messed up is me.

You’ll have to wait a few days before you ask her out again, and you’ll have to do it during the evening. Ask her if she wants to do something together again, and she’ll suggest the tavern. After the other peasant grabs Theresa, you’ll have to knock him out. Once you’re done, she’ll tend your wounds, and you’ll take her home.

You’ll need to ask her out once more, but only after a few days have passed. She’ll ask you to play Blind Man’s Buff in the barn. Your game will be interrupted by a thunderstorm, and you’ll have to help her collect the laundry. Once you’re back in the barn, you’ll be treated to the final romance scene, and you’ll unlock the trophy.

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