Last Epoch Tier List 1.0

In Early Access for several years now, Last Epoch is finally getting its full release. Naturally, the 1.0 release of the game is going to change up a lot about it when compared to previous EA versions. Things such as new systems added, rebalancing classes, skills, and items, and more. So even if you have been playing the game for a long time, this full release is definitely going to shake things up and change the Meta. To help you decide which Class Mastery is the best one for you, we have decided to rank all of them in this Last Epoch Tier List 1.0. Note that this also includes the new Masteries that have been added with 1.0 – the Warlock and the Falconer.

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Last Epoch Tier List 1.0
Last Epoch Tier List 1.0

Last Epoch Tier List 1.0 of Best Classes and Masteries

There are a couple of things that we’d like to point out first before we get to the tier list itself. To begin with, the game has only just come out with its full version. Because of that, we still haven’t had too much time to play around with all the different class combos that we would have liked to. Because of that, you can expect this list to change once we’ve had more time to play through everything. Second, this also applies to changes that are surely coming with future updates, such as nerfs and buffs to exisiting class masteries, as well as brand-new masteries. Also, if you think that we have ranked some of these too low or too high, then feel free to tell us what you would change and why in the comments below. And now, let’s finally see the Last Epoch Tier List:

  • S Tier: Lich, Runemaster, Necromancer, and Druid.
  • A Tier: Bladedancer, Warlock, Marksman, Falconer, Sorcerer, and Paladin.
  • B Tier: Forgeguard, Spellblade, Beastmaster, Void Knight, and Shaman.
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