Leader Shard Won’t Spawn Bug Fix in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Disney Dreamlight Valley has only recently been released in Early Access. Still, even though it’s not the full release of the game, it is still filled with all sorts of quests and activities for players to undertake. Though, unfortunately, sometimes these quests can get bugged. There is a potential issue with two quests in particular. These are the “Peacemaker” and the “Remembering quest”. At the end of these quests, you’re supposed to get a Leader Shard as a reward. The problem is that these Leader Shards never showed up. So is there a way to fix this Leader Shard Won’t Spawn Bug in Disney Dreamlight Valley? Luckily, there is something that you can do to try and fix this on your end. Let’s see what that is.

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Leader Shard Won’t Spawn Bug Fix in Disney Dreamlight Valley
Leader Shard Won’t Spawn Bug Fix in Disney Dreamlight Valley

How to Fix the Leader Shard Won’t Spawn Bug in Peacemaker & Remembering Quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley

The Leader Shard is a reward that you should get when you finish one – or both – of these quests. However, for many players, it simply isn’t appearing. Well, the problem is actually a bit more complicated than that. In fact, the Leader Shard has spawned, only the problem is that it hasn’t spawned near the player’s position. This, quite rightly, causes players to think that the Leader Shard isn’t there at all.

Here are several of the most common locations where the Leader Shard has appeared instead. The first one is near the bottom of the stairs that lead to Dazzle Beach. This is the one where the majority of the players have found it. Another common location is behind Remi’s Restaurant, stuck in a rock there. Finally, some players have reported that it has spawned in a place on the map that they haven’t unlocked yet. If that is the case, the only solution is to keep playing the game until you have unlocked those areas. The best tactic to see exactly where it is located is to open up the Building Map and use it to look around the whole map and pinpoint its location that way.

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  1. T
    Tessa Wendon

    My issue is that it spawns but its stuck inbetween a wall and chair in moana’s house and wont let me pick it up all I can do is select lounge on the chair. I have since restarted the game and dont know how to pick it up. I even tried moving her house.

    1. S

      I’m having the exact same issue 🙁

      1. T

        I found the leadership shard next to the well in the frost lands. That was a hard one due to white in white.

    2. C

      Have you been able to get it yet? I’m having the exact same issue

      1. B

        I found mine on dazzle Beach by the cave where you have to do all those tasks to go down more levels. It was to the right of the cave between the tree stumps and the mining rock.

  2. J
    Jessica Reidmiller

    Mine is under an un movable tree.

    1. C
      Claudia Williams

      Mine is stuck in the walls of my house 🙁

    2. R
      Raina Kirby-Jones

      Yeah, mine is under one of the immobile palm trees on Dazzle Beach near the hill path up to the Forest of Valor.

      1. K
        Kayla M Lavarnway

        Did you ever get it because that’s where mine is

      2. J

        Mine too…. ugh!

  3. G

    Mine didn’t spawned no where i cant found it

    1. S

      Same here. I have tried all other suggestions and I STILL can’t find it. I don’t think mine spawned.

  4. A

    mine spawned in the middle of the floor in Moana’s house but i can’t pick it up

    1. J

      The same has happened to me :/ it spawned in her house, but can’t pick up. Restarted the game, moved the house several times and nothing.

      1. C

        Exact same thing, I can see it but no option to pick it up 😫

      2. M

        Mine spawned next to moana’s wall n a bed, I cannot pick it up. Can someone please help me with this issue.

  5. K
    Kathleen Deann aguilera

    Didnt spawn at all looked on map and it shiwed it in mybgarden but not tjere

  6. J

    Mine is on the floor in Moana’s Fale near the stools. I also tried moving the house but it didn’t help 🙁

  7. F

    I cant seem to find the leader shard anywhere…how to did you get it on your map??

  8. M

    I’ve searched every where moved everything around and stil cannot find it all locations are opened except a few extended areas still in the create map not around.

    1. C

      I cant find it either 😭😭😭 I’ve looked everywhere

  9. K
    Katherine Osborne

    I found mine in the tree bit on the beach (near the cave you unlock to free ursula) so that’s another place to check

  10. S
    Skye Cuccurullo

    Found mine in Scrooge store

  11. A
    Adriana Jacyshyn

    Mine spawned (if you’re looking at the stairs) to the left inside of the larger rock at the bottom of the stairs. It was barely noticeable except for a tiny white dot.

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