Lethal Company Black Screen On Launch Fix

If you are experiencing the Lethal Company black screen on launch glitch, you should know that this is a common issue. Lethal Company came out as a winner during last year’s spooky season, thanks to its popularity among YouTubers and Twitch streamers. Thanks to its unique gameplay and the combination of comedy and horror, it has become one of the most popular co-op games on Steam, breaking the 100,000 concurrent player mark. While it is a mostly well-polished experience, there are some bugs here and there. In this guide, we provide several solutions if Lethal Company won’t launch and is not working.

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Lethal Company Black Screen On Launch Fix
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How to Fix Lethal Company Black Screen On Launch

The Lethal Company Black Screen on start-up issue is probably one of the oldest bugs in the game, which is still not solved. Players first started reporting the glitch back in early November, when the game started getting popular. Since then, it hasn’t really been fixed. However, that doesn’t mean that players themselves didn’t find various solutions in the meantime.

“When I open the game, I see the logo of the company and Unity, and my mouse changes to the game cursor,” explains Steam user Papa Johns Pizza. “Exactly after that, my FPS locks on a certain random number, either 29 or 1 or 5, etc., and the game just freezes on a black screen and does nothing.” And if you check out that Steam forums thread, you will find dozens of other players with a similar issue. Why is this happening? And is there a fix for this? Here’s what we know.

It seems that many players have fixed the Lethal Company Black Screen issue by turning off Windows 11 HDR. Hence, if Lethal Company won’t launch for you, try this solution. In order to turn it off, just follow these few simple steps:

  • Select the Start button, then enter settings. Select Settings > System > Display.
  • If you have multiple displays connected to your PC, choose the HDR-capable display at the top.
  • Turn off “Use HDR.”
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