Lords of the Fallen Unlockable Secret Classes

If you want to learn more about the Lords of the Fallen unlockable secret classes, like how to unlock them, as well a find out about the regular starting classes, you’ve come to the right place. First off, we’ll share everything we know about the hidden classes and what you need to do to unlock them. Then, we’ll give you a list of all the starting classes along with a brief description of each of them. Let’s get right into it!

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lords of the fallen unlockable secret classes
Lords of the Fallen Unlockable Secret Classes

How to Unlock Lords of the Fallen Secret Classes

We know that there are four unlockable secret classes in Lords of the Fallen, but we only know how to unlock one of them, the Dark Crusader. You can get this class as a starter if you purchase the deluxe edition of the game. If you just get the regular version, you’ll have to complete Isaac’s storyline. It begins by picking up the Flayed Flesh, found around the corner from where you fight Otto. That’s the tutorial boss. You then have to activate the memories in Redcopse, the vestige in Fief, just after the Fief Arena and in the Tower of Penance. Fight the Umbral version of Isaac and collect his Umbral flesh. Take it to where you picked up the Flayed Flesh and follow the path that wasn’t there before. You got it from here.

As far as the other three go, you get them by unlocking the three different endings. Obviously, SPOILERS from here on out. To achieve the Radiance ending, you have to cleanse the beacons in Forsaken Fen, Upper Calrath, Fief of the Chill Curse, Tower of Penance, and The Empyrean (after beating their respective Sentinels, of course). Proceed through and defeat The Iron Wayfarer in Bramis Castle. Keep plugging forward through the castle and beat The Sundered Monarch. Talk to the effigy of Adyr and defeat Adyr the Bereft Exile.

Another ending you need to unlock to get all the Lords of the Fallen unlockable secret classes is called Inferno. To do that, defeat all the Colossal Sentinels, but don’t cleanse any of the beacons. Be sure to pick up the Rune of Adyr in from the Abbey of the Hallowed Sisters. Once you unlock the gates of Bramis Castle, you should see a short cutscene, after which the Dark Crusader Rosary in your inventory should be broken. Defeat the Sundered Monarch, and speak to the Effigy of Adyr. The Rune of Adyr should then become Empowered. Extinguish the beacons in Forsaken Fen, Upper Calrath, Fief of the Chill Curse, Tower of Penance, and The Empyrean. If you’ve left The Empyrean last, you’ll have to fight the Radiant Cleric. If not, you’ll meet them as an NPC you have to interact with. Lastly, talk to Iselle to trigger the ending.

Lastly, the Umbral ending. Beat Harrower Dervla the Pledged Knight and The Unbroken Promise in Revelation Depths to find the well. Go to Skyrest Bridge and pick up the Scouring Clump from Molhu. This will give you access to Mother’s Lull. Go there and interact with the non-hostile Remnant to get Damarose’s Seedpod. Use it on Damarose to kill the NPC. Go back to the Remnant and get Gerlinde’s Seedpod. Use it on Gerlinde in to kill her, too. Proceed to Bramis Castle and kill The Lightreaper to get its Umbral Parasite. Go back to Skyrest Bridge and place the Parasite in the column that has a missing slot. Return to Mother’s Lull and pick up Melchior’s Seedpod from the Remnant. Pick up the Rune of Adyr from the Abbey of the Hallowed Sisters and hand it to the Remnant to obtain the withered version.

Kill The Sundered Monarch in Bramis Castle and talk to the effigy of Adyr, where you’ll find Melchior’s body. Use the seedpod on it, then double back to Fief of the Chill Curse in the Umbral Realm and use the Withered Rune to kill The Iron Wayfarer. You’ll get Harkyn’s Umbral Parasite, which you can also ploace on Skyrest Bridge. Talk to Molhu, then to Pieta in Skyrest Bridge, after which you’ll have to fight Elianne the Starved. Defeating her grants you her parasite, so go ahead and place it on the bridge. Talk to Molhu and watch him kill himself with another seedpod. Walk across the floating platforms in Mother’s Lull, all of which are now unlocked, to trigger the ending.

Lords of the Fallen All Starting Classes List

In the list below, you’ll find a brief description of every regular Lords of the Fallen class, plus the Dark Crusader as a representative of unlockable secret classes. Just so you know which sounds best to you. Let’s begin!

  • Blackfeather Ranger – focuses on ranged combat; starts with an axe, a bow, oak and poison arrows, a light shield, and medium armor.
  • Condemned – the Souls staple class that begins with almost nothing; starts with the Broken Bucket fists, light armor and some rocks to throw.
  • Exiled Stalker – specialties are landing critical strikes from stealth, so pretty difficult to play; starts with medium Stalker armor, two regular daggers, some throwing daggers and Poison Salts.
  • Hallowed Knight – kinda the paladin that has both health and endurance, so a good choice for beginners; starts with heavy armor, a short sword, a knight shield, grenades and a healing consumable.
  • Mournstead Infantry – high defense and melee fighting that still has range, what’s not to love? Starts with heavy armor, a light shield, javelins for throwing and a spear for stabbing, and a healing consumable.
  • Orian Preacher – the battle cleric which can heal and buff themselves, as well as deal crushing blows, but still not easy to play; starts with light armor, a hammer, a light shield, a Radiant Catalyst, a Healing Radiance spell and a Small Manastone.
  • Partisan – another well-rounded class that can do ranged combat, melee combat, good defense and more; starts with heavy armor, a flail, a crossbow, a Knight shield and Unripe Berries for extra stamina.
  • Pyric Cultist – The spellcaster, with three different types of magic; starts with medium armor, a Cultist Staff polearm, a Rhogar Catalyst, an Infernal Orb spell and a Small Manastone.
  • Udirangr Warwolf – The barbarian that doesn’t have much in terms of defense, rather focusing on raw damage; starts with Medium Armor, a longsword, throwing access and Fire Salts.
  • Dark Crusader (only with deluxe edition) – an absolutely beastly tank that wields some truly brutal weapons; starts with the Crusader heavy armor, the Crusader greatsword, and a Rosary Catalyst.
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