Madden 22 Credits: What Is Cred For?

Madden 22 has introduced credits, leaving many people asking the question “What is cred for?” With coins and training points already in the game, the new currency can be confusing. Cred is specifically for improving the look of your team. This sets it aside from other systems in the game. Read on as we discuss what credit is actually for.

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Madden 22 Credits: What Is Cred For
Madden 22 Credits: What Is Cred For

What are Credits in Madden 22?

Credits are a new form of in-game currency. However, they can not be redeemed for anything and everything. For example, you can not buy training points or card packs with them.

What are Credits in Madden 22?

You can view them in the top right-hand corner of the screen, in a pale blue circle when you are in Ultimate Team mode. The icon will have a C in the middle, and your total will sit next to it. In the yard, you can find it in the lower right corner.

What do Credits do in Madden 22?

The store is where you can use credits to upgrade the look of your team. This takes the form of new uniforms and bundles. At the moment, there are not a lot of things to buy, and the items you can purchase need a lot of credits. For example, you are looking at over 200,00 credits for a bundle. Luckily, you can also use normal points to buy these items.

How to Get More Credits in Madden 22

Credits can come in two ways. The first is through leveling up and to do that, you need XP points. This means playing. A lot. Games in franchise mode, MUT, or The Yard will all contribute to this.

You can also get specific rewards for completing missions in The Yard itself. You may need to achieve certain tasks and goals on the field. Some of the rewards can be worth as much as 400 credits.

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