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Magic Legends is still in beta, but it allows you to enjoy multiplayer already and play with friends. You can invite friends into your party, and do coop activities together, instead of roaming the planes alone, like some kind of introvert wizard. Lots of players are having trouble with it – the system itself works just fine, but there’s no information on when it becomes available, so a number of folks think it’s broken. This guide for Magic Legends multiplayer will show you how to play with friends, and when you can start doing so.

magic legends mutliplayer play with friends
Magic Legends Multiplayer – Play With Friends

Magic Legends coop

Most people expect coop to become available after the tutorial, but that is not the case. In fact, you have to complete all three acts in Tazeem, the jungle area, complete all the quests and unlock the map. Only at the point where you can choose which area to visit next will you be far enough in the game to engage in co-op. That’s about two to three hours into the game.

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It’s unclear why the devs decided to make you wait for such a long time, when you could’ve played through Tazeem with friends as well, but that’s how it is.

Magic Legends invite friends

After you’ve obtained the ancient power to play co-op, the process is pretty straightforward. Open up the menu, and you’ll see a panel on the left. There’s a bit button at the top with “invite to party” written on it. Press it, and you’ll be able to enter the handle of anyone you want to invite. Alternatively, if you’ve already added your friends to the in-game friends list, you can use that to invite them.

Although you can play on your own, it definitely makes more sense to team up with friends. It makes the game somewhat easier, and allows you to complement each other.

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