Maneater How Long To Beat

Maneater is a game about being a shark and doing shark things: eating fish, eating people, eating other sharks – you get the idea. It’s a novel idea, but some are worried the novelty might wear off before the game is over. That’s why a lot of the folks interested in the new jaws-sim are wondering how long it is. If you’re one of those who are wondering how long it takes to beat Maneater, this guide will tell you all about it.

maneater how long to beat
Maneater How Long To Beat

How long is Maneater?

According to reports from players with early copies, the game lasts about 10 hours. That’s how long it will take you to complete the story and see most of what it has to offer. If you’re looking to grab all the collectibles and discover all the secrets, unlocking the platinum trophy takes anywhere from 12 to 15 hours, depending on how much time you spend pursuing that one missing collectible.

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There’s no new game plus, no branching storylines or anything like that, so it’s safe to assume that one playthrough will be enough even for the most obsessive completionists. After you’ve finished the game, all that’s left to do is find whatever collectibles you might be missing and unlock the stray achievement or two you’ve forgotten all about.

As far as I’m concerned, ten hours of being a shark is more than enough. Presuming it’s the same kind of silly, nonsensical affair as, say, Goat Simulator or I Am Bread, it’s probably best played in short bursts here and there. The fact that it has something that gives it structure might prove to be detrimental to the experience. Of course, I might be wrong – there’s always a chance that it’ll leave us wanting for more, and we’ll change our tune quickly, complaining how ten hours isn’t nearly enough.

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    finished all the objectives and zones at 100% completion in 7 hours and 52 minutes and infamy rank to 10…. wish there was more to do and larger zone

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