Merge Mansion Rubber Boot, Large Tackle Box

In our Merge Mansion Rubber Boot, Large Tackle Box guide, we are going to explain how you can get the yellow Rubber Boot. There are two methods, but one of them is via merging. The other, not so much, but it’s still just as valid. The boot is spawned by another item that you have to merge into. Here’s how it works.

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merge mansion rubber boot large tackle box
Merge Mansion Rubber Boot, Large Tackle Box

How to Get Rubber Boot Merge Mansion Large Tackle Box

There are two ways to get the Rubber Boot in Merge Mansion, and one does involve the Large Tackle Box. The first method, however, is by simply buying the boot from the in-game store. You can see how much it costs above. So, if you don’t want to bother with all the merging, might as well just get it over with the easy way. No reason to suffer through something that annoys you. If you do want to “earn” it the “right” way, well, the first step in the chain is Lure Container Level 1 (also available in the shop). Next comes the Collection of Lure Containers Level 2, followed by Small Tackle Box Level 3, then Large Tackle Box Level 4, and ending with Fishing Cabinet Level 5.

The next step to get the Merge Mansion Rubber Boot from the fifth level of the Large Tackle Box (aka the Fishing Cabinet), just tap the cabinet and it will spawn the boots (and probably other stuff). The Cabinet recharges once after being used up, and then it disappears permanently. It sucks, I know, but you’ll get plenty of boots for your troubles. The boot is the first step in the Fishing Attire merge chain, but that’s a matter for a different guide. As for whether you should focus on getting them or not, I can’t really tell you for certain. The attire doesn’t seem to be an important resource, but I’m not sure just yet. Let me know in the comments.

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