Minecraft Launcher Download Not Working Fix

To call Minecraft a success would be to undersell it. More akin to a worldwide phenomenon, it is the most sold game in history. A large part of this success is down to how easy Minecraft is to install and play. If playing on a PC, all you need to get it up and running is to download its launcher. But what to do in case you can’t download the Minecraft launcher itself? Well, in this guide, we have several ways to fix this Minecraft Launcher download not working issue.

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Minecraft Launcher Download Not Working Fix

How to Fix Launcher Download Not Working

Here are a couple of things you can try in case the Minecraft download button is not working. The first thing you should do is to sign out of the Microsoft Store and the Xbox App. Then, log back in to see if this has fixed the problem. If the Minecraft launcher is still not working, make sure that you have the correct time and date on your computer. Go to your time and date settings in the system tray, turn off the “Set time automatically” option and input the correct time and date yourself. While you are there, you should likewise check to see if you have the right timezone on your computer. Likewise, see if the correct timezone is set on the computer.

In case the problem is still persisting, sign out all users so that you remain the only one. Next, check to see if you have any Windows updates that need to be installed. Also, make sure that the Microsoft Store app is updated to the latest version. If none of these options work, the only thing left is to wait until the devs have fixed this problem. If you have figured out another method to fix this, please share it with us and other players down in the comments.

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