MK1 Sai-O-Nara Klue Solution, First Klue Invasion Season 3

If you are looking for the MK1 Sai-O-Nara Klue solution, we’ve got you covered! The new season of the Invasion mode has just landed, and it comes full of new interesting puzzles to solve. Of course, where there are puzzles, there ought to be some rewards! In this guide, we explain how to solve Sai O Nara, the first klue in Mortal Kombat Invasion Season 3.

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MK1 Sai-O-Nara Klue Solution, First Klue Invasion Season 3
MK1 Sai O Nara Klue Solution

How to Solve Sai-O-Nara Klue in MK1 Invasion Season 3

The Sai-O-Nara Klue in MK1 is located on the Last Wish node in Invasion Season 3, in the Tarkatan Colony mesa. In fact, it is the very first klue in MK1 Season 3 of Invasions. So, what do you need to do here in order to solve it? Let’s beat around the bush and cut to the chase. To solve this klue, you will need to throw Mileena’s Sai 20 times during a match. Keep in mind that you also need to end the match with a straight Sai toss as a final hit.

And that’s about all you need to know about the solution. However, keep in mind that for many players, the Sai-O-Nara Klue is currently bugged in MK1 Season 3. Namely, a number of players report that they have achieved Mileena’s Sai x20 in a single match, but the game didn’t register. If this is happening to you, you will most likely have to wait for the developers to fix the issue.

MK1 Sai O Nara Klue Rewards

Before we wrap up, make sure to check out our Pots Vsoihng Klue solution. Once you complete the klue, the path will open, and you will get to enjoy your hard-earned goodies! And, of course, you can continue completing other klues for more rewards. Head towards the chest to open it, and collect the following MK1 Sai O Nara Klue rewards:

  • Legendary “Show Me Your Moves” Relic
  • Free Koins!
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