MK1 Splish Splash Klue Solution

The Invasion Mode in Mortal Kombat 1 is a fun mix of RPG and board game. As you advance through different stages, you will fight various enemies and earn rewards for doing so. This also includes the Klue mechanic. These are small puzzles that you are going to need to solve here. Which is easier said than done, as many of them are pretty difficult to figure out. For example, the Splish Splash Klue. The Splish Splash was added in MK1 Season 2, with the Omni-Man update. What does this clue require us to do in order to solve it? To help you do this as quickly as you can, we have the MK1 Splish Splash Klue Solution right here.

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MK1 Splish Splash Klue Solution
MK1 Splish Splash Klue Solution

How to Solve Splish Splash Klue in MK1

So, what does Splish Splash refer to? It is an onomatopoeia of the sound that water makes. And out of Mortal Kombat’s cast of character, which one is the most famous for their water use? That’s right, none other than Rain. So select this character and go into the MK1 Invasion Mode map to solve the Splish Splash. What you specifically need to do here is to defeat an enemy while playing as Rain, and to then perform Rain’s Grab Brutality as your final move in the match. If you don’t know how to perform this, go into the Moves list and you will see how to do it.

MK1 Splish Splash Klue Rewards

There are many rewards that you can get from completing the Splish Splash Klue in Mortal Kombat 1. This includes things such as currency, Kameo fighters, Fatalities, cosmetics, items, and so on. So while there’s no set reward, it is very much worth solving Klues such as this. Speaking of which, if you are having trouble with other Klues in the game, we recommend that you read through our Mortal Kombat 1 Klue Solutions.

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