MK1 Tier List Best Characters

The Mortal Kombat series has always been distinguished by its vast array of playable characters. Naturally, Mortal Kombat 1 continues this proud tradition. With more than 20 characters in the game (and more that are sure to come in future DLC), it can be very difficult to select the best character for you. After all, these characters all come with their own moves, powers, and strenghts and weaknesses. In this MK1 Best Characters Tier List, we are going to rank all the characters in the game to see which ones are the most powerful.

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MK1 Tier List Best Characters
MK1 Tier List Best Characters

Mortal Kombat Best Characters Tier List

Note that this should be considered a work in progress. More characters are slated to come, and the fighters that are currently in the game are probably going to be nerfed or buffed in future patches if they are over or underpowered. With that said, let’s see what the MK1 Tier List looks like, starting with S-Tier (the most powerful), all the way down to C-Tier (the least powerful):

  • S Tier MK1 Characters: Kenshi, Smoke, Raiden, Nitara, and Mileena.
  • A Tier MK1 Characters: Sindel, Geras, Johnny Cage, Scorpion, Tanya, Reiko, Shang Tsung, and Reptile.
  • B Tier MK1 Characters: Kung Lao, Sub-Zero, Baraka, Rain, Ashrah, Kitana, Liu Kang, and Li Mei.
  • C Tier MK1 Characters: General Shao and Havik.

As you can see, the best characters can be found in S-Tier. Kenshi can inflict some devastating damage with his sword attacks, and while his moves are on the slower side, he is one of the most powerful fighters in the game, once you get a feel for him. Next, Smoke. An excellent PvP pick, Smoke has incredible mobility options, and is able to attack from just about any angle. Raiden is still the same OP character he always was. Great ranged capabilities with the usual teleport make for a very potent combo. As for Nitara, she can fly and her Dark Sacrifice ability can likewise make for powerful attacks. And finally, Mileena. Once you master her, you will be able to attack in rapid succession and quickly overwhelm most enemies.

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