MLB The Show 23 Face Scan on Companion App

In our MLB The Show 23 Face Scan on Companion App guide, we are going to cover two important aspects of this mechanic. For one, we will explain how to use the companion app and get your likeness in the game. Then, we will briefly talk about some issues that you might run into while using the app. Here we go!

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mlb the show 23 face scan on companion app
MLB The Show 23 Face Scan on Companion App

How to Face Scan in MLB The Show 23

To scan your face and put yourself in MLB The Show 23, you first need to download the companion app from your respective store. Make sure that you have the latest version installed. Open the app and scroll all the way to the banner at the bottom. Tap the number 23 on the furthest right of the banner. Tap the face scan feature, read through the terms and conditions, and do the additional download via the link at the bottom. Take a selfie and make it into an in-game face. Change all the details to your satisfaction and upload the face to the game. You will be able to use it on your Ballpark player, so it’ll be available in a multitude of modes.

MLB The Show 23 Face Scan Not Working Possible Fix

There seems to be a problem with the face scan app in The Show 2023, and it appears to not be working properly mostly on iOS. Namely, people can’t find the banner at the bottom. The only possible fix that we know of is that the app hasn’t updated automatically, so you have to do it manually via the app store. Now, that’s not the only problem that can crop up. You can experience issues due to a poor connection, a technical issue (just reload the app to fix those), or your device being too old to support the app. As for the pictures themselves, bad lighting can also cause problems.

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