MM2 Halloween Update 2023 Release Date

In our MM2 Halloween Update 2023 Release Date guide, we are going to share all the information we have on when the Murder Mystery 2 Halloween event is coming out. We are also going to engage in some educated guesswork and make some predictions on what you can expect from the event. By that, I of course mean activities and rewards. Let’s get into it.

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mm2 halloween update 2023 release date
MM2 Halloween Update 2023 Release Date

When is MM2 Halloween Update 2023 Coming Out

EDIT: There have been some rumors and leaks on YouTube, TikTok and other platforms. Unfortunately, none of them have really been confirmed. The only things that have even a smidge of legitimacy seem to be the special black gun and sword that you’ll likely be able to earn by playing the Halloween content. Other than that, it’s all clickbait.

We don’t know when exactly the 2023 Halloween update is coming out in MM2, or Murder Mystery 2, because the developer Nikilis never announces them. They just drop the new content whenever it’s ready. Last year, it was on October 16th, and on the 23rd the year before that. So, it’s impossible to tell for certain. All we can say is that it will most likely jump off at some point in the second half of October and last for about a month (as they generally do). Maybe this year it will be later, on like the 27th. That’s a Friday, so that’d fit pretty snug. Then again, so is the 20th, so who knows? We’ll be sure to update the guide with more concrete information as soon as we have it.

MM2 Halloween Update 2023 Predictions

As far as predictions for the MM2 2023 Halloween update go, one thing that is very likely to happen is the Candy Exchange. Usually, the going rate is ten Candies for one Diamond and one Candy for one Coin. This has happened for two years in a row, and I see no reason why it wouldn’t happen this year, too. Also, you can probably expect to encounter the Halloween Box, which has cost 600 Candies in previous years. These boxes are full of cool-looking weapons of Rarities ranging from Common to Godly. You’ll probably want to open as many as you can. Also, don’t forget about the leaderboard, which counts how many Candies players have collected. The higher up you place, the rarer special weapon you can get. I’m not gonna speculate any further, we’ll have to wait and see how it all shakes out.

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