Monopoly GO Chest Quest Challenge Rewards and Milestones

In our Monopoly GO Chest Quest Challenge Rewards and Milestones guide, we are first going to give you a list of all the milestones and what you earn for hitting each of them. After that, we will explain how you can get more Chest Quest Challenge points, which is the most important part. After all, collecting points is how you go through the milestones.

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monopoly go chest quest challenge rewards and milestones
Monopoly GO Chest Quest Challenge Rewards and Milestones

All Monopoly GO Chest Quest Challenge Rewards and Milestones

In the list below, you can see all the Monopoly GO Chest Quest Challenge milestones and the rewards you’ll get for reaching them. It’s the usual stuff: dice rolls, cash, Sticker Packs, various boosts, and special Tokens. Nothing we haven’t seen before.

  1. 50 Points – 120 Gardening Partner Tokens
  2. 80 Points – 40 Dice Rolls
  3. 70 Points – 2x Green Sticker Pack
  4. 150 Points – 150 Gardening Partner Tokens
  5. 200 Points – 100 Dice Rolls
  6. 275 Points – 180 Gardening Partner Tokens
  7. 250 Points – High Roller boost for 5 minutes
  8. 350 Points – Cash
  9. 500 Points – 220 Dice Rolls
  10. 550 Points – x3 Yellow Sticker Pack
  11. 700 Points – 250 Gardening Partner Tokens
  12. 800 Points – x3 Pink Sticker Pack
  13. 900 Points – 400 Dice Rolls
  14. 850 Points – 4x Blue Sticker Pack
  15. 1000 Points – 340 Gardening Partner Tokens
  16. 1200 Points – 475 Dice Rolls
  17. 1000 Points – Cash
  18. 1300 Points – 440 Gardening tokens
  19. 1500 Points – Mega Heist boost for 20 minutes
  20. 2000 Points – 750 Dice Rolls
  21. 1800 Points – 4x Blue Sticker Pack
  22. 2200 Points – Cash
  23. 2500 Points – Cash Grab boost for 15 minutes
  24. 2800 Points – 500 Gardening tokens
  25. 3000 Points – 1100 Dice Rolls
  26. 3200 Points – Cash
  27. 3500 Points – Cash
  28. 4000 Points – 1400 Dice Rolls
  29. 4500 Points – High Roller boost for 20 minutes
  30. 5000 Points – 1700 Dice Rolls

How to Earn Points for Monopoly GO Chest Quest Challenge?

There are several ways you can earn points for progressing the Monopoly GO Chest Quest Challenge. The main one is landing on Railroad tiles and participating in Shutdown and Bank Heist mini-games. The better you do, the more points you’ll get. When it comes to Bank Heists, a Small will, get you four points, Large earns six, Bankrupt Heist eight points, and Mega Heist twelve. As far as Shutdown goes, Blocked gets you two points and a Shutdown Success gets you four.

Another thing you can do to get more points is to participate in tournaments. This is a really good way to farm points, as long as you do well. The higher you place, the better rewards you get.

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