Monopoly Go Creative Accounting Rewards

Creative Accounting is an event in Monopoly GO lasting from November 15th, until November 17th. For the duration of this event, you will be able to get a lot of rewards when you reach the various event milestones. As you are no doubt wondering what you can look forward to here, we have compiled a list of all the Monopoly Go Creative Accounting Rewards and how many points you need to unlock them.

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Monopoly Go Creative Accounting Rewards
Monopoly Go Creative Accounting Rewards

All Monopoly Go Creative Accounting Milestones & Rewards List

Like in previous events of this sort such as Monopoly GO Gizmo Gourmet and Monopoly Go Trick or Treat, you’re going to need a lot of points if you want to get all the rewards here. And to do that, you are going to have to use multipliers to quickly earn many points at once. And now, let’s see the list of rewards:

MilestonePoints NeededCreative Accounting Rewards
15x3 Pickaxe
25x10 Dice Rolls
35x1 Star Green Sticker Pack
410x3 Pickaxe
550x125 Dice Rolls
610x5 Pickaxe
71510 Minutes Cash Grab
815x1 Star Green Sticker Pack
915x6 Pickaxe
1010x225 Dice Rolls
1225x1 Star Green Sticker Pack
1325x8 Pickaxe
15225x425 Dice Rolls
1630x11 Pickaxe
1860x2 Star Yellow Sticker Pack
1945x13 Pickaxe
20300x500 Dice Rolls
2145x3 Star Pink Sticker Pack
2250x16 Pickaxe
235010 Minutes High Roller
25600x1000 Dice Rolls
2680x19 Pickaxe
2760x2 Star Golden Yellow Sticker Pack
2865x120 Dice Rolls
2970x26 Pickaxe
31100x4 Star Blue Sticker Pack
32150x200 Dice Rolls
342595 Minutes Cash Boost
351000x1500 Dice Rolls
36300x4 Star Blue Sticker Pack
38400x30 Pickaxe
39500x5 Star Purple Sticker Pack
402000x3000 Dice Rolls
4160020 Minutes High Roller
43700x850 Dice Rolls
45750x900 Dice Rolls
46800x40 Pickaxe
47850x4 Star Golden Blue Sticker Pack
494000x4 Star Golden Blue Sticker Pack and x6500 Dice Rolls

Monopoly Go Creative Accounting Free Links

There are currently no free links for this event. You can see all of the Monopoly GO Free Links here.

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