Monopoly GO Extra Drums After Parade Partner Ends Explained

In our Monopoly GO Extra Drums After Parade Partner Ends Explained guide, we are going to show you what happens to any leftover Drums you might have once the event wraps up. Don’t worry, they’re not just going to vanish into thin air. You’ll get a little something for your troubles. It’s not ideal, but hey, money is money. You can never have enough Cash in this game. Let’s begin.

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monopoly go extra drums after parade partner ends explained
Monopoly GO Extra Drums After Parade Partner Ends Explained

What Happens to Extra Drums After Parade Partner Event Ends in Monopoly GO?

All your extra Drums left over after the Parade Partner event ends in Monopoly GO will turn into Cash. So, the same thing that happens with tokens in other Partner events. The developers always turn tokens into something useful, mostly Dice Rolls or in-game money. Granted, the amount of Cash usually doesn’t really reflect the effort you put into obtaining them, but it’s definitely better than nothing. Imagine if they just poofed into thin air when the event wraps up; that’d be terrible. And, no, they don’t let you carry any tokens over to a future event. For one, it’d make a mess in your inventory. More importantly, then you’d unlock the rewards more easily, which means less opportunities to get you to spend real-life money.

So, yeah, that’s what happens to your extra Drums after the Monopoly GO Parade Partner event ends. At time of writing, I don’t know how much Cash you’ll get per Drum; let me know in the comments what the exchange rate ends up being. Now, if you want to know how to get Drums in the first place, here’s a quick rundown. The most reliable source are Quick Wins, but you can also get them by landing on spaces that have a drum on them and the Anniversary Auction event. You then spend Drums to spin the event wheel and earn points, and that’s how you unlock the rewards. You need twenty drums per spin, which is pretty brutal, but that’s the nature of the beast.

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