Monopoly GO Extra Flowers After Event Ends Explained

Partner Events are some of the most fun experiences that you can have in Monopoly Go. A new Partner Event arrives every couple of weeks to shake things up a bit, and it always has a specific theme. For example, the latest PE – Gardening Partners – is all about, of course, gardening. While you are completing it, you will earn Flowers. And when you finish the event, you can still continue earning these Flowers until the Gardening Partners is over. Which opens up the question – what can you do with all of these additional Flowers after the event has concluded? In this Monopoly GO Extra Flowers After Event Ends Explained guide, we are going to answer that very question.

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Monopoly GO Extra Flowers After Event Ends Explained
Monopoly GO Extra Flowers After Event Ends Explained

What Happens to Extra Flowers After Partner Event Ends in Monopoly GO

Simply put, the extra Flowers are going to get converted into Cash after the end of the Gardening Partners Partner Event. This applies to every other event after which you are left with a surplus of tokens that have been used in it. So there’s no reason to worry about all your hard work earning these Flowers going to waste, as you will still be rewarded with something at the end of it. Of course, Cash is one of the easiest things that you can get in Monopoly Go, so it’s not exactly the best trade off there is, but anything is better than nothing.

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