Monopoly GO Free Pickaxe for Sunset Treasures

In our Monopoly GO Free Pickaxe for Sunset Treasures guide, we are going to show you how you can earn more free Pickaxes so that you can progress through the event quicker. After that, we’ll talk about whether there are any links that unlock free Pickaxes (and what you can do if there aren’t). Lastly, we’ll cover what happens to leftover Pickaxes after the event ends. Let’s get into it.

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monopoly go free pickaxe for sunset treasures
Monopoly GO Free Pickaxe for Sunset Treasures

How to Get Free Pickaxes in Monopoly GO Sunset Treasures

There are several ways you can get free Pickaxes in the Monopoly GO Sunset Treasures event. First off, milestones nine and seventeen of the event reward you with a bunch of them. But that’s not going to be your main source by any stretch. Instead, what you have to do is play tournaments and similar stuff while Sunset Treasures is happening. The better you place, the more Pickaxes you’ll get. Also, score Quick Wins. And last but not least, claim your daily login rewards from the shop whenever they’re available. I believe it’s every eight hours. Not the most consistent source, but definitely not to be overlooked either.

Monopoly GO Free Pickaxe Links – Are There Any?

No, there are zero Monopoly GO free Pickaxe links for Sunset Treasures. That’s pretty much par for the course; for the most part, Scopely doesn’t provide players with links that unlock more Pickaxes, or any other similar item. This is because they want to keep you playing and grinding, since that increases the odds of you spending real money. What you can do instead is redeem the free dice links to get more rolls. That way, you can play for longer without having to pay.

One last thing we have to mention is what happens to Pickaxes after the event wraps up. As we’ve covered in a previous article, all of them turn into Dice Rolls. So, if you have any Pickaxes left over, don’t worry; they won’t go to waste.

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