Monopoly Go Hot Rod Partners Event March 2024

As every Monopoly Go player knows, Partners Events are among the most enjoyable – and rewarding – things to do in the game. This is because every PE provides you with a great opportunity to get awesome rewards, while also playing alongside your friends and sharing in the fun and prizes. As such, every new Partners Event is eagerly anticipated by Monopoly Go players all around the world. And now, there are rumors that the latest Monopoly Go Partners Event is Hot Rod and that it is coming this March 2024. Let’s see what we know about this and whether or not it is true.

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Monopoly Go Hot Rod Partners Event March 2024
Monopoly Go Hot Rod Partners Event March 2024

Hot Rod Partners Event in Monopoly GO

As you know, the last Monopoly Go PE was the Valentines Partners Event. It ran from February 9th, until February 14th (aka – Valentine’s Day) 2024. This means that the next Partners Event should be just around the corner. And rumors are circulating that the start date for the Hot Rod Partners Event is going to be – Friday, March 15th, 2024.

Of course, please be aware that this is all just speculation at this point. The Monopoly Go devs have not – as of yet – either confirmed nor denied that the Hot Rod PE is real, or that it is going to come out at around this time. Still, as these rumors often turn out to be true (if typically not a 100% accurate) predictions, we can’t really discount that the Hot Rod Partners Event is real and that it is releasing soon. Of course, we are checking for official news all the time, and we are going to update this article with new info as soon we know more. In any case, even if this turns out to be false, we can definitely look forward to another Monopoly Go Partners Event soon.

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