Mortal Kombat 11 Soul Fragments - How to Get

Soul fragments are one of the three currencies in Mortal Kombat 11. They’re represented by the green skull, and are used to unlock various chests and doors in the Krypt. Since the chest rewards are random, you’ll need to collect a whole bunch of them. They’re not as easy to find as koins, which is why we’ve decided to write a guide on MK11 soul fragments and how to get them.

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mortal kombat 11 soul fragments
Mortal Kombat 11 Soul Fragments – How to Get

MK11 soul fragment farming

The best way to farm soul fragments at the moment seems to be repeatedly killing Reptile. First off, you’ll have to interact with the dinosaur statue in the Torture Halls – this will summon Reptile. If you have Kenshi’s Blindfold, you’ll be able to see him at a bunch of places in the Krypt. Approach and whack him with the hammer, and you’ll get 200 souls. There are 10 locations where he can spawn. You simply go into the Krypt, find him, kill him, then exit the Krypt. Once you go back in, he’ll appear at another place. Here’s a list of all the places where he can appear (courtesy of u/bersi84):

  • Palace Entrance (7097, -521)
  • Deadwoods (3522, -2004)
  • Gardens (1952, 4048)
  • Pit Bridge (-8682, -5534)
  • Lower Courtyard (-5928, -8514)
  • Goro’s Lair (6883, -6213)
  • Goro’s Lair (-4756, -10036)
  • Armory (-6169, -5991)
  • Courtyard (-3643, 4608)
  • Lower Pit (-7697, -3421)

How to get soul fragments in MK11?

You’ll get a certain amount of soul fragments after each fight – the more points you earn, the more fragments you’ll get. You can increase the number of souls won after a fight by equipping specific augments to your gear. If you’re playing the tower, make sure you use consumables that grant you more souls. Certain towers will reward you with fragments for completing them, so make sure you check what’s on offer each day. Daily challenges from the Kombat Kard section can also reward you with souls, so make sure you check those too. You can even earn some measly sums in the Krypt itself. Sometimes chests contain souls, and you’ll get handfuls for opening doors, solving puzzles, clearing rubble and hitting gongs.

Thankfully, you can get them without actually playing the game by letting a CPU player farm them. Start the Klassic Tower mode on endless or survivor and make the AI play instead of you. Lower the difficulty to increase its chance of success, then just sit back and let it do its thing. The amounts you get this way are paltry, but it’s literally no effort. You can read a book, wash the dishes, watch a movie or fold some laundry while the game grinds currency for you, and all you have to do is press a button from time to time.

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