Mugwort Location Lost Judgment

There are many side-missions in Lost Judgement, and one of these requires that you find the location where you can get some Mugwort. During Chapter 3, you will run into Iyama, who is in trouble. This will begin the “Extracting the Past” side case. Old man Iyama is being accosted in the street by a Man in Black named Kazamiya. The situation will soon turn violent, necessating that you beat up Kazamiya to protect Iyama. To be able to defeat him, you will receive the Warrior’s Onslaught Extract. Drink it and beat him up. Afterwards, Iyama will take you back to his place and present you with an opportunity – if you find components for him, he will help you by creating Extracts for you. The first of these is Mugwort. Our Mugwort Location Lost Judgment guide will show you where to find it.

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Mugwort Location Lost Judgment

Where to find Mugwort – Lost Judgment

You will be able to find Mugwort in the Seiyro High School Courtyard. We’ve marked the exact location on the map in a screenshot down below. It looks like a white object on the floor. To pick it up, just move towards it. When you get close enough, you will automatically get it. After you’ve done that, return to Iyama. Talk with him and select the “Hand over Materials” option. In exchange for bringing him some Mugwort, he will hive you the Extract Recipe: Super Strength.

The description for this extract states that: “Attacks will break through the enemy’s guard, and you can hold heavy weapons like motorcycles. You’ll also be less likely to flinch from enemy attacks. Duration: 60 seconds.” It requires the following components to create: x1 Empty Extract Vessel, x3 Garlic, x5 Twig, and x5 Pocket Tissues. Since it will dramatically increase your attack, getting these in your inventory to use when you encounter tough enemies can make a big difference in a fight.

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