NBA 2k22 Kendrick Perkins Quest Bug Solutions - Can’t Watch Kendrick’s Video

If you have encountered the Kendrick Perkins Quest in NBA 2k22 and can’t watch Kendrick’s video, you may be happy to know bug solutions are possible. Reports are occurring that this happens in both The Drama: Trade Rumors and The Glory: Homecourt Advantage. As part of MyCareer mode, the bug is stopping many players from advancing.  Yet, some fixes are at hand. Read on as we discuss the Kendrick Perkins Quest Bug Solutions.

NBA 2k22 Kendrick Perkins Quest Bug Solutions - Can’t Watch Kendrick’s Video
NBA 2k22 Kendrick Perkins Quest Bug Solutions – Can’t Watch Kendrick’s Video

The quest problem occurs when you must go back to your apartment and watch the video posted by Kendrick Perkins. The plan is to go back to the apartment and watch it on TV. You should be able to click his Twitter post in the top right, the video plays and you can then move on.

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Once done, for many people nothing is happening, though it should. Some people have noted they can’t watch Kendricks video and can’t play other games as the quest won’t complete. Others note it halts their MyCareer progress completely. The statement ‘You are not allowed to play or simulate games until the following quest is complete: The Drama: Trade Rumours’ is what many people are getting.

To solve this, try watching the video several times on your cellphone. You can also try switching the apartment type in the settings. Do some small side challenges, run a team practice then return to watch the video later and see if it works. A statement from 2k22 did inform people to try clearing the cache and reinstalling the game.

2k is already aware of the Kendrick Perkins video quest bug. Their official statement is that they have escalated the situation for further investigation. They also ask you to sit tight while they solve the problem. Worryingly, they don’t have a timescale for fixing it. As a game-breaking bug, you would hope it is top of their priority list. Check back here for any updates as and when they occur.

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