Where to Find Need for Speed Unbound Palace Edition Cars

Need for Speed Unbound Palace Edition cars missing or not showing? Don’t worry, they are here. Though, you need to know where to look. The next iteration of NFS games is finally here after several years of hiatus. The new street racing game has many features, including an open-world environment and a new visual style. If you’ve pre-ordered the NFS Unbound Palace Edition but don’t know where to find Palace Edition cars and other bonus content, read on.

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Where to Find Need for Speed Unbound Palace Edition Cars
NFS Unbound Palace Edition Pre-order Content Missing

How to Get Need for Speed Unbound Palace Edition Cars

Need for Speed Unbound releases globally on December 2nd, 2022. However, if you’ve preordered the Palace edition or have an EA Play Pro membership, you’ll be able to play the game three days early, starting November 29, 2022. Thus, for many players, the game is already available right now. And early access is not the only benefit of the Palace edition, of course. There is other bonus content that comes with the Palace edition pre-order. Here’s everything you’ll get:

  • Four new Custom Cars :
    • Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series 2020
    • VW Mk1 Golf Gti 1976
    • BMW E30 M3 1988
    • Mercedes-AMG G 63 2017
  • Palace Driving Effects
  • Palace Decals and License Plate
  • Palace Character Pose and Banner Artwork
  • Palace Clothing Pack containing 20 items
  • Driving Effect
  • License Plate
  • Banner Artwork and Sticker
  • $150,000 Bank (multiplayer-use only)

That’s quite a lot! However, some players report that they cannot find their Palace Edition cars in-game. First, make sure that your extra content is downloaded. The palace edition is a separate download on PlayStation. Thus, click the Options button in-game, then “Manage Game Content”. And there, make sure that all additional content is installed. The same goes for Xbox Series X/S. In your library, select Need for Speed Unbound, then select Manage. From there, make sure that all extra content is installed.

However, even if you have it installed, the NFS Unbound Palace Edition cars will not appear immediately. Rather, as stated by EA, these cars are unlockable through gameplay progression. For some, you’ll need to complete the prologue mission. Others will become available a bit later. With that said, that’s all you need to know about the missing Speed Unbound Palace Edition cars issue.

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  1. R
    Ryan Green

    I had to restart the game after completing the prologue, and now I can see the cars, but I can’t do anything with them since they say “item locked” “to unlock, complete challenge: item locked”

    1. C
      Cristian Tikhomirov

      I’ve got the same issue. I believe I’m past the prologue, and I’ve just skipped two years past. Still don’t have the cars, although they are locked.

      1. P

        Same issue here i didnt even get the driving effects or anything even though i have everything installed

      2. G

        I just completed the prologue it’s says edit text (number plate rydell1) I press a then nothing happens just can’t get pass that bit

    2. W
      will s

      I re-download it 2 times I see the cars but what they didn’t tell u is the pre order u don’t just get the four cars u actually have to pay for them like all the other cars idk if it’s a glitch but u can’t get them with out pay

  2. M

    Yes I have also found the cars, but they are locked and unable to purchase … This seems like a bug that needs to be fixed quickly as it would have been very nice to start with my first car purchase being the golf… But alas… It’s locked …. Not happy.

  3. P
    Pete Kelly

    Same for me

  4. N

    Anyone haven’t received the cash either.?

    1. T

      The money shold be in multi player mode. The cars on the other hand are not free sadly. The cars are just unlockable now unlike if you didnt pre-order it.

  5. R
    Raymond E Ledoux

    Same issue as everyone else we spent the mo ey on the extra content and everything is still locked my cars are a+ or better and still locked wow I’m so happy I spent the extra money for the game……….sarcasm

  6. K

    Ac if you check the acual site it says “150k dollars (Multiplayer Mode)

    1. T

      Yes but that does not explain the car issue.

  7. J


    1. T

      The cars are just now unlockable. I am very mad to at the fact they didnt give it to us for free. Since we paid the extra money we 100%should of gotten it for free.

  8. B

    I haven’t received the cash or any of the extra content, I actually contacted EA about this, they told me the money and extra stuff will be available on actual release day….. well seems to me like they did a bit of false advertising, why did they advertise pay extra and get this extra stuff, I believe we all expected the same thing , 3 days early access with all of the bonus content on that day not 3 days later, get your **** together EA I feel like I got lied to and ripped for the extra money

  9. R
    Randy Scott

    It’s all still locked after completing the prolog as well. They dropped the ball hard on this one.

  10. C
    Chris Partin

    I see the cars, you have to purchase them…no big deal. But wheres the $150,000 multiplayer cash? Like, come on EA Lol

    1. T
      Tyler Humke

      Im happy to know it isn’t only me not getting my 150k

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