Neon Dog Value Pet Simulator X

Neon Pets have arrived to Pet Sim X! These critters look very unique with their stark neon outlines, like a retro neon sign brought to life. There are several of these Neon pets currently in the game, and we are going to focus on one particular creature in this guide – the Neon Dog. So if you want to know what is the Neon Dog value in Pet Simulator X, not to mention how to get this pet in the first place, then this guide is here to help and tell you everything that you need to know about this.

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Neon Dog Value Pet Simulator X
Neon Dog Value Pet Simulator X

Neon Dog Value Pet Sim X

As of the time of writing, the Neon Dog is valued at approximately 600 Million Gems in PSX. Unlike the Neon Cat pet, the Neon Dog does not have a huge variant. It comes with two enchantments. The first one is called Companion II and its effect is that this particular pet is always going to 60% as strong as your best pets. The second enchantment is a random one. In the next section of the guide, we’re going to go over how to get the Neon Dog.

How to Get Neon Dog in Pet Simulator X

To be able to get the Neon Dog pet in Pet Sim X, you can either trade for it (though, as you can see, it is pretty expensive), or you can simply purchase the Exclusive Pets Egg. This special egg costs 400 Robux to hatch one, three Exclusive Pets Eggs cost 1200 Robux, and finally 10 of them can be bought with 3200 Robux. Of course, the egg does not guarantee that you will get a Neon Dog from it. The odds are: Neon Cat (50%), Neon Dog (35%), Neon Griffin (13%), Huge Neon Cat (1.25%), Huge Neon Griffin (0.75%), and Titanic Neon Agony (0.05%).

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