New Recipes Easter Update Disney Dreamlight Valley

Food is an important gameplay element in Disney Dreamlight Valley, so it’s no surprise that the Easter Update for the game has added several new recipes. Eleven of them, in fact. So what do you need to make these Pride of the Valley Update new recipes and what is their name, type, and coin cost? We are going to list out all available information regarding them right here in our New Recipes Easter Update Disney Dreamlight Valley guide.

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New Recipes Easter Update Disney Dreamlight Valley
New Recipes Easter Update Disney Dreamlight Valley

All New Recipes and their Value in the Disney Dreamlight Easter Update

First, let’s see which new recipes have been added in this update. These are: Lioness Feast, Ghostly Fish Steak, Marvelous Jam, Sweet Udon, Dream Ice Cream, Spring Chocolate, Spring Egg Bowl, Spring Mimosa Eggs, Whimsical Pie, and Dream Fizz. So, ten in total. They range from entrees, to desserts, and appetizers, and cover a wide range of cuisine both real-world and imaginary. We’re sure that you are going to have a lot of fun with these, especially since you can now glide in Disney Dreamlight Valley, and for that, you’re going to need the energy that food provides.

As for the ingredients for all of these dishes, we are still not sure what they are. But, considering that this is the Easter Update and that an Egg-related activity is going to unlock on April 8th, 2023, we assume that eggs are going to be a key ingredient for each recipe. We are going to update this guide as soon as they are added to the game. In the meantime, you can see the names, types, and coin value for all the new recipes below:

Lioness Feast Mushroom, Tomato, Oregano, Here and There Fish109 Coins4 StarsEntrees
Ghostly Fish SteakBell Pepper, Lemon, Asparagus, Here and There Fish, Oregano
(thanks Will)
349 Coins5 StarsEntrees
Marvelous JamWheat, Dreamlight Fruit54 Coins2 StarsEntrees
Sweet UdonRice, Any Seafood, Sugarcane or Cocoa Bean, Dreamlight Fruit180 Coins4 StarsEntrees
Dream Ice Cream Ice, Milk, Dreamlight Fruit588 Coins3 StarsDesserts
Spring ChocolateSpring V-EGG-etable, Sugar, Cocoa254 Coins3 StarsDesserts
Spring Egg BowlEgg-cellent Fruit, Wild Spring Egg, Spring V-EGG-etable, Cocoa Bean, Sugarcane
(thanks Joey)
370 Coins5 StarsDesserts
Spring Mimosa EggsBasil, Egg-cellent Fruit, Wild Spring Egg, Spring V-EGG-etable
(thanks Joey)
298 Coins4 StarsDesserts
Whimsical PieDreamlight Fruit, Wheat, Butter324 Coins3 StarsDesserts
Dream Fizz Dreamlight Fruit, Slush Ice, Wheat, Sugarcane316 Coins4 StarsAppetizers
Bug Platter 2 Colorful Bugs, 2 Red Bugs, 1 Slimy Bug370 Coins5 StarsAppetizers
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