NHL 23 Online Versus Not Working Fix

Are you having connection issues while trying to play NHL 23 Online Versus? A couple of days have passed since the release of NHL 23, but instead of enjoying the game, many players are struggling with bugs and connection problems. A particularly big problem is the fact that the NHL 23 Online VS is currently “completely broken” as many players describe it. The faceoff part will start, the game would glitch out, and you will disconnect. In this guide, we explain how to fix the “NHL 23 Online Versus Not Working” glitch.

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NHL 23 Online Versus Not Working Fix

How to Fix NHL 23 Online VS Faceoff Disconnected Glitch

The main component of any competitive game is the multiplayer online functionality, where you will be able to test your mettle against other worthy opponents. The same goes for sports games, such as the NHL series. Thus, it’s exceptionally frustrating when you can’t even play online against other players due to bugs. NHL 23 has launched with quite a few issues, but the most alarming one is a game-breaking problem which prevents players from playing Online Versus. Namely, there’s currently a bug which brakes the game during the faceoff part of a match, when the game glitches out and disconnects you from the game.

Is there a way to fix this? Well, there is, but it is far from optimal. Currently, the only working workaround, that we are aware of, is to play with a team where you didn’t edit your lines or strategies. The bug happens when either you or your opponent play with a team where you edited the lines and “especially if you dress a scratched player,” says Reddit user NoDuck1754. Thus, the only way to prevent desyncs is to play with a team where you didn’t edit the lines or to somehow overwrite the roster you edited with the latest version of a default roster for that team.

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