Nightingale Realm Portals Explained

Once you get through the first several hours in your starting biome, you will want to venture off and find new realms to explore. This is where Realm Portals come in. It is a structure that you can build and which will then allow you to get to other areas. Of course, before you’re able to use it, you will first need to craft the Realm Portal. And in this Nightingale Realm Portals Explained guide, we are going to show you everything that you need to do to make one.

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Nightingale Realm Portals Explained
Nightingale Realm Portals Explained

How to Build Realm Portal in Nightingale

First of all, note that you won’t be able to construct a Realm Portal right from the beginning. No, you are going to need to reach at least Item Level 20 before you’ll have the option of constructing one. So keep playing the game as you normally would, and eventually you will encounter Aurelio Acevedo Ortega. This NPC is going to give you all sorts of quests to do. One of these is going to be to find a Synchronous Lotus. This item can be found at the top of a Fae Tower.

The location of these Fae Towers is randomized for each playthrough, so we can’t show you where it is. Once you have completed the Fae Tower, all of the points of interest are going to be revealed on your map. At the top of the Fae Tower is also where you will find the chest with the Synchronous Lotus inside of it. Pick it up. You will now be able to craft a Realm Portal. Specifically, a Crude Portal. To do this, you will need the following materials: x10 Lumber, x7 Ingot (any ingots will do), x3 Wire, and x1 Synchronous Lotus. After that, you will be able to visit other realms than your starting one.

Can You Create Multiple Realm Portals?

Yes, you can create multiple Realm Portals. That is, if you have the necessary resources to do so. As we play more of the game, we are going to see if there is anything more that we need to add to this guide to make it more clear and complete.

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