Octopath Traveler COTC Tier List

Octopath Traveler: Champions of the Continent is the prequel to the original Octopath Traveler. Like the first game, it takes place in the same setting, with many of the same mechnics. But it also features a wide host of different characters, which wildly vary in their power and usefulness. This can make it hard to pick out the best ones. But to help you do precisely that, we have put together this Octopath Traveler COTC Tier List, in which we are going to rank all of the various characters in the game.

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Octopath Traveler COTC Tier List
Octopath Traveler COTC Tier List

Octopath Traveler COTC Tier list of Best Characters

And now, let’s see the Octopath Traveler COTC Tier List itself, starting with the absolute best characters in the S+ Tier, and working our way down to the worst ones in F Tier:

  • S+ Tier: A2, Richard, Cyrus, Ophilia, Cecily, and Alfyn.
  • S Tier: Odette, Adelle, Levina, Z’aanta, Soleil, Lynette, Eleonora, Auguste, Ninalana, Sofia, 2B, Herminia, Yan Long, Zegna, Primrose, Tytos, Mooloo, Dorothea, Rondo, Tikilen, Therion, Chloe, Eliza, Titi, Haze, Viola, Clauser, Araune, Lianna, and Chloe.
  • A Tier: Fiore, Stead, Heathcote, Yukes, Agnes, Kouren, Jillmeila, Lyummis, Therese, Kersjes, W’ludai, 9S, Olberic, Glossom, H’aanit, Edea, Joshua, Gertrude, Cardona, Nicola, Nonya, Scarecrow, Tressa, Falco, Varkyn, and Largo.
  • B Tier: Bertrand, Harley, Menno, Durand, Millard, Devin, Barrad, Cedric, Kenneth, Mabel, Gilderoy, Laura, Lucetta, Shelby, Lionel, Sigrid, and Theo.
  • C Tier: Cerna (Merchant), Aslyte (Thief), Madelaine (Cleric), Meena (Dancer), Heinz (Scholar), Helga (Merchant), Levan (Scholar), Fabio (Dancer), Ashlan (Hunter), Wingate (Thief), Iris (Dancer), Trish (Warrior), Merrit (Apothecary), Pia (Merchant), Noelle (Scholar), Lolo (Hunter), Peredir (Scholar), Jorn (Warrior), and Cless (Thief).
  • D Tier: Yugo (Warrior), Cornelia (Apothecary), Narr (Hunter), Rodion (Apothecary), Nanna (Warrior), Eunice (Scholar), Billy (Thief), Miles (Scholar), Jose (Cleric), and Ramona (Cleric).
  • F Tier: Sunny (Hunter), Manuel (Dancer), Diego (Thief), Conny (Merchant), Harry (Dancer), Carroll (Merchant), Telly, Felline (Thief), Vivian (Hunter), Pearl (Cleric), Menny (Warrior), Saria (Apothecary), Jorge (Apothecary), Juan (Merchant), Rita (Apothecary), Camilla (Hunter), Evelyn (Dancer), Dorrie (Scholar), Penny (Apothecary), Tahir (Warrior), Julio (Scholar), Guti (Hunter), and Kurtz (Thief).
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