One Piece Odyssey Change Difficulty, Hard Mode

Not sure how to change the difficulty in One Piece Odyssey? The turn-based JRPG set in the world of the mega-popular One Piece anime has finally arrived, and fans can’t wait to explore everything it has to offer. However, as a part of the experience, many players are not satisfied only with exciting stories and worlds to explore – they also want a real challenge. So is there a way to change the difficulty, and does One Piece Odyssey have hard mode?

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One Piece Odyssey Change Difficulty, Hard Mode
One Piece Odyssey Hard Mode

How to Change Difficulty in One Piece Odyssey

So, is there the Piece Odyssey difficulty change option? Let’s not mince our words here. Unfortunately, there seems to be no difficulty levels in One Piece Odyssey at the time of writing. There’s one preset difficulty, and that’s it. You can’t change it. It is a shame because the general consensus is that the game is currently quite easy. Based on our and the experience of other players online, the first few hours of the game pose little to no challenge. Even for players who don’t have much knowledge of turn-based mechanics, let alone for turn-based and JRPG veterans. Hence, if you hoped for some challenging combat that would test your mettle, you will probably not find it here.

“It feels like the game was designed with auto-battle in mind, so just put it on auto and stop worrying about it; the gameplay is clearly not the focus here,” says Steam user Toughnails. And we tend to agree with him. And if you were hoping for the game to become more challenging as you progress – hold out hope. As a general rule, JRPGs tend to become easier as you approach the late game, not harder. And we doubt that the developer will retroactively add something like One Piece Odyssey Hard Mode.

For now, when it comes to the Piece Odyssey difficulty change option, our only hope is that someone creates a mode allowing you to tweak enemy stats and make a more challenging experience. But that’s only for PC. If you are playing on Xbox or PS5, you are stuck with the easy mode.

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