One Punch Man: A Hero Nobody Knows Trophies & Achievements

One Punch Man: A Hero Nobody Knows is the new fighting game from Spike Chunsoft. Unlike the fighting games of old, there’s a bunch of ancillary stuff here beside the combat – exploring the map, completing quests, undertaking challenges and more. Some of these actions are rewarded with achievements. There are 46 trophies in the game, along with a platinum trophy reserved for those who unlock them all. If you’re wondering what you’ll need to do in order to earn them, this guide will show you a list of all OPM: A Hero Nobody Knows trophies.

one punch man hero nobody knows achievements trophies
One Punch Man: A Hero Nobody Knows Trophies & Achievements

OPM: A Hero Nobody Knows achievements

I’m Just  A Guy Who’s a Hero For FunUnlock all other trophies
I Wanted to Be a Hero When I Was LittleClear Chapter 1
Who Are You?Clear Chapter 2
Look How Strong I’ve Become!Clear Chapter 3
You’re Strong, Aren’t Ya?Clear Chapter 4
Checkmate!Clear Chapter 5
Aim to Become a Magnificent Hero Like Me!Clear Chapter 6
You’re One of Those Heroes Too? Fight Me!Clear Chapter 7
A Fight? Good IdeaClear Chapter 8
That is GoodClear Chapter 9
You Were Too Strong…Clear Chapter 10
You Did Fine, Nice FightClear Chapter 11
Let’s Celebrate Your Promotion!Achieve Hero Rank Class B
Anyone Can Be a Hero is They Desire Peace!Achieve Hero Rank Class A
We’ll Be Top RankersAchieve Hero Rank Class S
I Wanted to Be the Strongest Man on EarthReach max level for standard battle type
You’re Our Only HopeReach max level for power battle type
You’re All Hopeless Without Me!Reach max level for psychic battle type
I Acknowledge Only the StrongReach max level for weapon battle type
I’m Exterminating YouReach max level for machine battle type
Give Stimulation to My ExistenceReach max level for monster battle type
All in the Name of JusticeClear your first Hero Association branch office mission
This Is Almost a Real Fight!Clear your first Hero Association HQ mission
Wast That the Last Enemy?Clear 100 missions
I’m Getting ExcitedMake your first purchase
Put on Some UndiesChange your outfit for the first time
Time to Get a Tad SeriousSet your first Killer Move
Makes me Want to Go All Out!Obtain 30 Killer Moves
Then I’m Using My Finishing Move TooEquip a Super Killer Move and use it
We’re Strong Because We Can Change OurselvesGet 150 avatar parts
This Will Serve as a Good SampleEquip your first skill
I Must Become StrongerObtain 30 skills
Fight Us Like a True Hero! Fair and Square!Use your first boost item
I’m Weak. I Know That Much…Increase your player level
A God Resides in His FleshReach player level 50
Overwhelming Strength is… Pretty BoringReach maximum player level
Can I Have Some Tea?Deepen bonds with a hero
I Need Your HelpDeepen bonds with five heroes
But I’m Right HereDeepen bonds with ten heroes
Let’s Do This!Place your first piece of furniture in your room
May I Live Here?Obtain 50 pieces of furniture
I Was Bored Outta My MindClear your first subquest
This Is Over, So Let’s GoClear 30 subquests
Today’s My Lucky Day!Land the first attack in a battle
Well Done!Perform a perfect guard in battle
I Need Strength to Demolish Great Evil!Perform a Mode Change in battle
These Heroes Deserve Our Heartfelt ThanksUnlock 15+ characters for Free Battles with Team Rules
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    Is level 5 the max for each fighting style , if not then how do I exceed level 5 ? And if so it seems like a waste of a lot of points .

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