OSRS Atlas, Pay Atlas to Re-train You

There are 60 tasks for players to complete and earn points in the Trailblazer Reloaded League in Old School RuneScape. One such tasks requires you to pay Atlas to re-train you. Though, needless to say, to be able to do this, you will first need to find Atlas himself. So to help you complete this Trailblazer Reloaded League task, here’s where to find Atlas in OSRS so that you can then pay Atlas to re-train you.

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OSRS Atlas, Pay Atlas to Re-train You
OSRS Atlas, Pay Atlas to Re-train You

OSRS Pay Atlas to Re-train You

Atlas is a character that you will encounter as part of the “Below Ice Mountain” quest. Which means that you first have to complete this quest to be able to get Atlas to once again train you. A specific part of this quest has him teach you some strength training, which results in you getting the Flex emote. The character of Atlas is either based on the Atlas from Greek mythology – the same one that was cursed to hold the heavens on his shoulders for all eternity – or alternatively on Charles Atlas, the man who popularized bodybuilding methods in the 1930s.

To find Atlas, go to the Barbarian Village. The village itself is located south of Edgeville, east of Falador, and west of Varrock. Atlast is in The Long Hall there. So make your way to this location and speak with him to have him re-train you. He looks like a stereotypical Viking – with a horned helment, and sporting white hair and a white moustache. And that’s all there is to it to completig this Trailblazer Reloaded League task. If you are wondering about the rest of these tasks and what they are, we have a complete list of them right here. And if you are having trouble with a specific task, we recommend that you read through our OSRS archive to see if we have already covered it.

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