OSRS Halloween Event 2022 Guide

Halloween 2022 is almost here! And while we will soon be able to enjoy playing dress-up and going trick or treating in real life, we can already do those activities in many online video games that feature Halloween events. Old School RuneScape is one of these games. To help you get the most out of the OSRS Halloween Event 2022 our guide is here to help you with everything you need to know about the event. This includes how to begin the Halloween event itself, a list of all the generous treaters and their locations, and all the rewards you can get from the event, such as the Witch Outfit, Halloween Mask set, Terrifying Charm, and OSRS Spooky Egg.

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OSRS Halloween Event 2022 Guide
OSRS Halloween Event 2022 Guide

OSRS Halloween Event 2022 Guide

To start the event, go and speak with the Costumed Children which can be found between the Varrock western bank and Zaff’s shop. They will give you a Cauldron. Next, put on a complete costume from your Holiday Item menu. Your goal here is to go trick or treating and to get as many treats as you can. There are many characters that will give you treats once you speak with them, but there are so-called Generous Treaters that will give you significantly more treats. We’ll see who and where these are in the next section.

OSRS Generous Treaters

In total, there are five Generous Treaters in OSRS. These are: King Roald (who is in Varrock), Aggie (Draynor Village), Party Pete (Falador), Hetty (Rimmington), and Duke Horacio (Lumbridge). Each of these will give you a whopping 100 Treats. We have marked all of their locations in the screenshot gallery down below. We’d like to thank YouTube user Lawliet for their very helpful video.

OSRS Halloween Event Rewards

You need to gather approximately 800 Treats to get all the rewards. These are, in order: Halloween Wig, Witch Hat, Witch Top, Witch Robes, Witch Boots, Witch Cape, two Halloween Mask Sets, and two Pumpkins. There are also random items that you can get from trick or treating: Smelly sock, Spooky Egg, Bruised Banana, and Old Wool. You can then combine all of these to craft the Terrifying Charm. When used, it guarantees that you will get the maximum amount of treats. After three uses, it is then destroyed.

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