OSRS Mysterious Old Man in Falador

Leagues IV Trailblazer Reloaded is underway in Old School RuneScape. It consists of 60 tasks that players can complete to earn League Points. And while some tasks are pretty easy and self-explanatory, others require a lot more thought to figure out. For example, one such task requires you to “Talk to the Mysterious Old Man in Falador”. Though, as Falador is a pretty big place, this isn’t as simple as it first might appear to be. To help you complete this task as quickly as possible, here’s where to find the Mysterious Old Man in Falador OSRS.

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OSRS Mysterious Old Man in Falador
OSRS Mysterious Old Man in Falador

Talk to the Mysterious Old Man in Falador

The Mysterious Old Man is one of the more enigmatic characters in the game. When you interact with him, he will randomly teleport you to the Maze, mime at you, or give out items. So speaking with him is always a gamble – one that can be very fun, but also frustrating as well. In any case, he can be found in Falador. As it is a big city, you need more information than that. Specifically, he is inside a house in the eastern portion of the town. We have marked his location in the screenshot below.

Mysterious Old Man in Falador Location
Mysterious Old Man in Falador Location.

So go here and speak with the Mysterious Old Man. Once you have done that, you will have completed this task and gotten your League Points. And if you are interested in other Leagues tasks, we have the full list of them right here. In addition to this, we have also written several guides about hard individual tasks. These include How to make the Wise Old Man Angry, how to charm Gertrude, how to churn butter, how to Get a Chair to Follow You, how to Become a Mushroom, and more.

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