Outerplane Tier List April 2023

Outerplane is a fast-paced RPG that features deep and strategic combat coupled with stunning anime artwork. Of course, as is the custom with games such as this, there are many, many characters to get and use. And, naturally, not all of these are equally good. If you want to know which Outerplane characters are the best, we are going to rank them in our Outerplane Tier List April 2023, so that you can get the most powerful ones.

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Outerplane Tier List April 2023
Outerplane Tier List April 2023

Outerplane Tier List of Best Characters

Now, before we get to the tier rankings, we have to clear up a couple of things first. First of all, the game is very new, so all of these rankings may change as we play the game further. Secondly, new characters are probably going to be added in future updates. This also means that old (and upcoming) characters could end up getting nerfed or buffed – changing their spot on the list. Finally, we feel that the most important thing about any game is having fun. So if you have a character (or characters) that you enjoy playing for whatever reason (be it their look, story, or something else entirely), you’re more than welcome to disregard our list and play those instead. And if you think that we have ranked a character too low, or too high, feel free to tell us why that is in the comments. And now, let’s finally see what the tier list itself looks like:

  • S Tier: Valentine, Veronica, Adelie, Saeran, Kate, Natalie, Lynn, Rin, and Maxwell.
  • A Tier: Francesca, Dolly, Idith, Leo, Vera, Snow, Alpha, Eliza, Beth, Noa, Rhona, and Iris.
  • B Tier: K, Tanya, Alice, Eva, Sofia, Lisha, Cindy, and Parti.
  • C Tier: Laine, Claire, Fenrir, Philia, Lily, and Guizam.
  • D Tier: Flamberge, Yuri, Bleu, and Laplace.
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