Outriders Fast World Tier Leveling - Best Farming Quests

World Tier is a kind of difficulty level in Outriders. It increases as you play, providing you with greater challenges and better loot. The system is a bit difficult to understand, and a number of players are having trouble wrapping their heads around it. If you’re wondering how to level up world tier in Outriders, this guide will show you the best farming quests and everything else you need to know about Outriders fast world tier leveling.

outriders fast world tier leveling best farming quests
Outriders Fast World Tier Leveling – Best Farming Quests

There are fifteen world tiers, and you gain WT progress by killing enemies. You can also lose it when you die, which means you can revert to an earlier level. Each world tier will buff your gear – when you reach the last one, you’ll have +12. Whenever you unlock a new tier, you should do a chest run to get as much gear as you can, to replace your old stuff.

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Outriders what world tier should I play?

After you’ve unlocked a new world tier, you should return one or two tiers back, just to make sure you’re not overwhelmed at any point. Keep doing this until you’ve reached level 30. This is when you’ll unlock all your skills. Then you can either play on the highest available world tier – for the best loot – or just keep doing what you did until then.

Outriders world tier not going up

Some people have noticed their Outriders word tier going down, or simply not increasing for a long while. The truth is that you lose some world tier progress each time you die. If you’ve just unlocked a new world tier, you can even regress into the previous one when you get killed.

Outriders fast world tier leveling – best farming spots

Here’s a list of the best quests you can use to farm world tier progress after you’ve completed the story:

  • Rift Town story point – Confront the Altered at the tower
  • First City story point – Reach the other side of the river
  • Eagle Peaks story point – Investigate the volcano’s peak
  • Trench Town story point – Push back the Insurgents in No Man’s Land
  • Quarry story point – Lower the outpost bridge so the convoy can enter the Quarry

The fastest way to farm them is to kill all the enemies in the target area save one, then exit into the lobby. When you restart, they’ll all be back in their usual places.

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