Outriders Secret Side Quest - Forgotten Chapel - Legendary Chest & Stone Pillar Locations

Forgotten Chapel is a secret side quest in Outriders that you need to unlock by finding all the stone pillar locations, and it rewards you with a legendary chest. While all the pillars are in the same general region, and a few are a part of the main story, others are pretty well-hidden. One or two are in places you wouldn’t necessarily think of looking in. So, in our Outriders Secret Side Quest – Forgotten Chapel – Legendary Chest & Stone Pillar Locations guide, we’ll show you where to find all the pillars and how to get the chest.

outriders secret side quest forgotten chapel legendary chest & stone pillar locations
Outriders Secret Side Quest – Forgotten Chapel – Legendary Chest & Stone Pillar Locations

Where To Find Stone Pillar Locations for Outriders Forgotten Chapel Secret Side Quest

To find the first Stone Pillar location for the Forgotten Chapel Outriders secret side quest, head south from your camp and hug the left wall. Follow the path in a semicircle, and you’ll see the pillar glowing blue in the distance. Take a look at the map if you need visual assistance. By the way, all the pillars are in the Canyon of the Grand Obelisk region.

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where to find stone pillars outriders secret quest
Stone pillar #1

For the second Stone Pillar, make your way to the Canyon Entrance point. From there, go to the south, into the large temple-like structure. The “button” is in the center.

stone pillar locations outriders secret side quest
Stone pillar #2

Pillar #3 is near the Pillaged Crypts area, in the south of the region. It is standing on a platform that sits precariously at the edge of a cliff. It seems that it’s already pressed for a lot of people (us included). If that’s the case with you, don’t worry, it won’t mess up your progress.

secret side quest forgotten chapel pillar locations
Stone pillar #3

The fourth Pillar you need to press for the Outriders secret side quest is in the Ruined Altar area. You’ll have to press it during the story mission in order to open the adjacent door, so you can’t really miss it. As you proceed through the door and down the stairs, make note of the huge door with glowing runes. It’ll be important later.

how to unlock outriders secret side quest forgotten chapel
Stone pillar #4

The fifth “switch” is in the east of Monolith Bridge, next to the gigantic door. You need to press it to open said door, so, again, you can’t really miss it. It’s part of the story quest, is what I’m saying.

all outriders stone pillar secret side quest locations
Stone pillar #5

Walk through the door, and go all the way around the giant blue laser shooting up. At the other side of the chamber, there’s a long staircase. Climb up it to find the final Stone Pillar. Press it to unlock the Forgotten Chapel secret side quest.

forgotten chapel how to unlock secret quest
Stone pillar #6

Where to Find Forgotten Chapel Side Quest Secret Door – Outriders Legendary Chest Location

To find the door leading you to the Forgotten Chapel secret side quest in Outriders, you need to double-back to Cliffside Path. Remember that door with the glowing runes that we mentioned when talking about the fourth Pillar? That’s the one I’m talking about. There’s another Stone Pillar to the right of it, and you need to interact with it to open the door. Inside, you’ll find a small chamber with the Legendary Chest that will reward you with Legendary Gear. I honestly expected there to be much more to this quest, but there isn’t. You just walk inside, open the chest, and you’re done. It’s a little underwhelming.

legendary chest location where to find outriders secret side quest
Secret door & Legendary Chest location
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