Palia Error Code 403

The Palia error code 403 is a problem you might run into when trying to play the game. In this guide, we are going to talk about the potential causes of the error (since there are several) and what you can do about them. Unfortunately, there’s not a lot that you can do on your end, sadly, but knowing what the cause is will be helpful. Anyways, let’s get straight into it.

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palia error code 403
Palia Error Code 403

How to Fix Palia Error Code 403

Before we can get into any fix for error code 403 in Palia, we first have to go over the potential causes. First off, you might be trying to play the game before it’s actually available. Second, you’re attempting to play Plaia without having recieved an invitation (which is really only going to be important during the closed beta). Lastly, the servers might be struggling or are down for maintenance. So, with all of that said, what are the actual solutions? Well, the only thing you can do on your end is check whether your internet connection is working properly. Reboot your router if necessary and consider switching to Ethernet from WiFi if possible. You can also try restarting the game and/or the launcher.

The ultimate fix for Palia error code 403, however, is patience. While you can already download the game technically, you can’t play it yet. The closed beta will launch on August 2nd, and for that, you need an invitation. The open beta will kick off on August 10th, and the full game does not yet have a set date. As far as I know, at least. It will be at some point in Q3 of 2023, I’m sure. Either way, unless you’ve been invited to participate in the betas, you won’t be able to play and will get the error. Lastly, if the servers are experiencing problems, then you can do nothing but wait for the developers to bring them back online.

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