Palworld Fusion System Explained

What are Fusion Pals in Palworld, and how does Fusion System work in this game? The start of Palworld early access is just around the corner, and this strange combination of survival crafting and monster-taming genres is one of the more unique games we’ve seen in recent years. In this guide, we will share everything we know about Palworld Fusion pals, breeding, and everything else important.

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Palworld Fusion System Explained
Palworld Fusion System Explained

Palword Fusion System – Everything We Know

Pals in Palworld are this game’s creatures you’ll collect, just like you collect Pokemon in Pokemon games. However, in this game, they are more than monsters ready to fight for you on command. You will also be able to use Pals as farmers on your plantations and gardens, as factory workers in your industrial compounds, as builders, and even as food (yes, you can eat them!). As you can conclude by now, Pals aren’t exactly treated like our pals. Rather, they are more like your slaves. And the game doesn’t shy away from that fact. Instead, it emphasizes their poor conditions through humour and cheeky remarks. Aside from the base version of a Pal, there are also three other variations: Alpha Pals, Lucky Pals and Fusion Pals. Here’s what we know about the Fusion system in Palworld.

Simply put, Fusion Pals are a special type of Pals which you get through the breeding process. The game features a genetic system. It allows you to look for the best features and characteristics of your Pals and then breed two pals in order for a new Pal to inherit the characteristics of its parents. Naturally, you will want to mix the rarest and the strongest Pals in order to create an absolute powerhouse of a Pal.

What’s different from Pokemon is that this game allows you to combine different types and Pokemon. This can result in some absolutely insane creations. However, keep in mind that, just like real-life genetics, breeding two strong Pals will not guarantee that the offspring will inherit only the best traits. Rather, there is a factor of randomness when it comes to what genes your new Pal gets. For now, that is all we know about this system. Nevertheless, we will make sure to update the article as soon as we start playing the game!

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