Palworld Pals Not Working at Base Explained

In our Palworld Pals Not Working at Base Explained guide, we are going to, well, explain why your Pals aren’t working at your base. There are a few potential reasons, so we’re going to “troubleshoot” all of them. As in, explain what you should do in each case to make your Pals productive again. Here’s what you need to do.

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palworld pals not working at base explained
Palworld Pals Not Working at Base Explained

Why are Pals Not Working in Palworld?

There are several potential reasons why your Pals might not be working at your base in Palworld. The first one is that they’re not fit for whatever jobs you might need doing. As we’ve explained in more detail in our Which Pals can Harvest Wood guide, different Pals can do different things. For example, Lambal and Cattiva are often good at handiwork, which means they’ll generally jump in and help when you’re building stuff. Cattiva can also sometimes have the Mining trait, which means that pal can go collecting mineral resources. Some have the Lumbering trait, which lets them gather wood, etc. But if there’s nothing to do that matches a given Pal’s skill set, they’ll just idle around. That’s the a common cause, but it’s not the only one.

Another reason that Pals might not be working at your Palworld base is that you haven’t deployed them to your base. You can learn more about that in our Deploy a Work Pal to the Base guide. Long story short: open the Palbox and drag the Pals you want to work on the base to the bottom section. Option #3 is that their needs aren’t being met. See, your creatures need to eat and sleep. If they don’t, they’ll slow down significantly. So, what you want to do is make a Berry Plantation (3x Berry Seeds, 20x Wood, 20x Stone) or a Feed Box (20x Wood) and fill it with food. Hungry Pals will come to eat automatically. As far as sleeping goes, every Pal working on the base needs a separate bed. Straw pal beds will work just fine, and each requires 10x Wood and 5x Fiber to build.

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