Parallel Realms Tier List

Parallel Realms is a new science fiction gacha game. Like many other games of its kind, it is also characterized by an epic story and anime esthetics. Naturally, it likewise features many characters that you can use. Of course, your success in the game greatly depends on the characters which you have chosen to use. Though, as the game is so new, it can be difficult to know which characters are the best and most powerful, and which ones you can safely not bother with. To save you from having to struggle until you can figure this out, we have put together this Parallel Realms Tier List in which we are going to rank all of the characters in the game.

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Parallel Realms Tier List
Parallel Realms Tier List

Parallel Realms Tier List of Best Characters

Now, before we get into the rankings of all the characters in Parallel Realms, we have to clarify a couple of things first. To begin with, these are only our own personal rankings that we have made after playing the game for a short while. As such, they are subject to being changed at a later date once we have played the game some more. Also, there are likewise bound to be more characters added to Parallel Realms in the future, not to mention – character nerfs and buffs if they prove to be underperforming or being OP. If any of these do happen, we are then going to update this Tier List. And now, with all of that out of the way, let’s finally see the character rankings, starting from S Tier (the most powerful), all the way down to D Tier (the least powerful):

  • S Tier: Satan and Uriel.
  • A Tier: Dracula, Arthur, Serqet, and Butterfly.
  • B Tier: Orangey and Freya.
  • C Tier: Set.
  • D Tier: Russell.
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