how to solve the second Ivory Sanctum Puzzle

The combination for the second Ivory Sanctum Puzzle.


  1. A

    This doesn’t makes sense. There’s only 5 tiles yet you’ve got them number 1, 3, 4, 5 and 6? That order doesn’t work anyway.

  2. V

    Look at the number of points on the symbol, smart guy.

    1. 2

      That almost made sense but then it failed. What symbol smart guy?

      1. B

        The number labels correspond to the points in each symbol ON THE BUTTONS

        1. M

          That still isn’t the solution though. Where is the actual solution

  3. A

    yeah this isn’t a solution, this is just counting the vertices on the symbols lmao

  4. J
    Jamie Carroll

    Yall saying the answer isn’t here just needed to read the article a bit.
    “The other puzzle is located to the north. This one is a bit different. It actually has two solutions. Again, we’ve marked the numbers in the screenshot down below, but unlike the first puzzle, this isn’t a direct sequence. So, even though one of these buttons is marked “1”, it isn’t the first button you will press. The actual sequence that you will need to press is: 4316. This will open a chest on the other end of the room. There is another combination that will open a door to the other room. This is: 3541. You will now be able to go into the other room, which also has valuable loot in it.”

    1. P

      Unfortunately, this “solution” doesn’t work either.

    2. M

      This Solution worked for me! Thank you

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