Persona 3 Reload Jomon Period Waste Place Correct Answer

If you are wondering what’s the name of the place where people dumped their waste in the Jomon period, you are probably doing your Persona 3 Reload classroom exams. Is the correct answer boneyards, middens, hovels? Read on to find the correct answer!

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Persona 3 Reload Jomon Period Waste Place
Persona 3 Reload Jomon Period Waste Place

What Is the Name of a Place Where People Dumped Their Waste in the Jomon Period?

It’s funny how we’re often bored in classroom in real life, but we love the class bits in games such as Persona 3. Mr. Ono, a Japanese History teacher in Gekkoukan High School, is a rather peculiar personality. With his katana-shaped external drive and his samurai helmet, it is clear that he is more than a history teacher, he is a devoted fan of the Sengoku era and all things samurai. However, for the purpose of April 18th classroom test, he will ask you a question from the Jomon Period. Here’s the question and offered possible answers:

  • The places where people dumped their waste in the Jomon period, what are they called nowadays?
    1. Boneyards
    2. Middens (The correct answer!)
    3. Hovels

The name of places where people dumped their waste in the Jomon period is Middens! Choose the second option on the April 18th test in Persona 3 Reload. Interestingly enough, as Mr. Ono will explain, the word “Middens” is Scandinavian in origin. Its literal translation means “Dung Hill”. To be perfectly frank, we are not exactly sure why this is something a high school student needs to know.

It seems that Mr. Oto agrees with us, as he soon after realizes that this will not make kids any more interested in history. That’s why he will quickly switch to the age of katanas, concluding that everything else is so dull. You don’t need to worry about getting the other questions wrong. We are here to help you learn and improve. Just leave a comment below with your question, and we will reply with the right answer as soon as possible!

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