Persona 5 Strikers Lavenza Requests

Lavenza requests are special side missions in Persona 5 Strikers. They’re quests you get from the Velvet Room attendant, and there’s nine of them in total. Each one requires you to bring her a specific persona with a specific skill, one that isn’t part of its natural progression path. This means you either have to spend cards, or get creative when doing fusions. If you’re wondering how to complete any of the Prison Mail quests, our Persona 5 Strikers Lavenza requests guide will show you exactly that.

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persona 5 strikers lavenza requests
Persona 5 Strikers Lavenza Requests

Archangel with Amrita Drop

The first request is to get an Archangel with Amrita drop. You can do this by combining a Succubus and an Andras into a Hua Po, then leveling the Hua Po to level 14. It’ll get the Amrita Drop skill, so when you fuse it with a High Pixie, you’ll be able to let the Archangel inherit the skill.

Eligor with Divine Grace

Prison Mail Part 2 is all about getting an Eligor with Divine Grace. Fuse a Lamia with an Orthrus to get an Ame-no-Uzume. Level her to elvel 29, then fuse it with a level 25 Lilim to get your Eligor, and make sure you inherit the required skill.

Kaiwan with Makouga

The third request asks for a Kaiwan with Makouga. This one is pretty simple – just fuse a level 26 Sentata with a level 27 Principality – you can find them both in the Sapporo Jail. They’ll produce a Kaiwan which can inherit the Makougha skill, allowing you to complete Prison Mail Part 3.

Mithra with Regenerate 1

Prison Mail Part 4 includes getting a Mithra with Regenerator 1. It’s basically the same as the previous one, only you have to spend more on upgrading. Get a Sentata up to level 31, then fuse it with a level 27 Principality. Both can be found in the Sapporo Jail, if you need them.

Unicorn with Zionga

The fifth Prison Mail request from Lavenza tasks you with showing her a Unicorn with Zionga. To get it, you’ll need to grab a Black Ooze and a Shiisaa from the Okinawa Jail. Get Shiisa to level 35, and the Black Ooze to level 33, then fuse them.

Queen Mab with Technical Adept

If you need Queen Mab with the Technical Adept skill, you’ll need to visit two jails – the one in Sapporo and the one in Kyoto. Ket the Kaiwan from Sapporo, the upgrade it to level 37. From Kyoto, you need the Kikuri-hime, which needs to be at least level 40. Fuse them, and you’ll be able to make the resulting Queen Mab inherit Technical Adept in the process.

Trumpeter with Diarahan

Prison Mail Part 7 asks for a Trumpeter with Diarahan. You’ll need to go to the Osaka Jail for this. Fuse a level 48 Saravasti and a level 54 Norn to get the required result.

Cu Chulainn with Concentrate

Prison Mail Part 8 is the last request you’ll get on your first playthrough. It requires a Cu Chulainn with Concentrate. For this, you need to fuse a level 55 Nebiros and a level 59 Mot. Both can be captured in the Abyss Jail.

Dominion with Nuke Amp

This one only appears in new game plus, and in it, Lavenza asks for a Dominion with Nuke Amp. You’ll need to fuse a level 62 Mot, which you can get from the Abyss Jail, and a level 60 Forneus, which is available on the Tree of Life and Wisdom.

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    Unfortunately, a couple Persona names are misspelled here. “Sentata” should be “Setanta” and “Saravasti” should be “Sarasvati”.

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