Pet Simulator X RAP Explained

Whenever a new Pet Sim X update is released, players of this Roblox mega-hit game are delighted to see all of the new content that’s been added. For example, the latest update included something called RAP to the game. The name alone doesn’t tell us too much about what this actually is, so players are understandably wondering what this is and what’s it used for. In this Pet Simulator X RAP Explained guide, we are going to cover everything that you need to know about RAP in Pet Sim X.

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Pet Simulator X RAP Explained
Pet Simulator X RAP Explained

What is RAP in Pet Simulator X

RAP, or Recent Auction Prices for short, is a new value that has been added to Pet Sim X. It represents the average sold value of a pet that you have traded at an auction. So, each time that you use the Auction House to sell one of your Pet Simulator X pets, the amount that it is sold for is going to be recorded by the game. Then, it is going to average the amount that you sold them for, and this is what your RAP represents.

The Auction House itself is located in the Trading Plaza. You can use this to put select pets up for auction. The player that bids the most for them is going to get your pet. Doing this will cause your RAP to go up. Though, one thing that you need to be aware of is that, currently, RAP only applies to Huge and Titanic pets. This will probably be changed sometime in the future so that it covers all pets.

How to Get RAP in Pet Sim X

To get RAP in Pet Simulator X, you need to use the Auction House to auction away your pets. The bigger the price that you sell them for, the bigger your RAP is going to be.

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